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Exclusive - Conductive Premium Handmade Bed Canopy - Swiss Shield Naturell Ultra (Best Blocking)

Part Number canopynatult
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 Exclusive - Conductive Premium Handmade Bed Canopy - Swiss Shield Naturell Ultra (Best Blocking)
Naturell pictured - Naturell Ultra is more grey in color
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Externally-conductive (groundable) fabric for a better faraday cage effect and the ability to ground to a ground rod or electrical outlet ground.  This is an ElectraHealth.com exclusive product listing - you won't see this anywhere else!  The best bed canopy we carry!

This is our favorite and most popular bed canopy.  Our decorative Premium canopies are much different than most of the canopies you will find at other stores.  Most canopies are what we refer to as "mosquito-net" canopies.  They hang above the bed making a small, cramped tent like structure.  There is little to no headroom in these types, and many people find them are unattractive.  They can be slightly cheaper, but most people prefer the decorative Premium canopies over the mosquito-net type.

This handmade canopy is made with Swiss Shield Naturell Ultra cotton fabric.  Woven in with each strand of cotton are small silver-coated copper threads - so small you can't see them with the naked eye or feel them.  But these threads create a screen that is extremely effective at blocking radiofrequency radiation from cell towers, wifi, radio/TV broadcasts, cordless phones, bluetooth, smart meters, and all other wireless technology.  Because the canopy blocks from all directions, when you are inside you are in a space where up to 99.99% of the radiofrequency is gone!!!

Create your very own Sleep Sanctuary and allow your body to heal

  • Premium Sheer 100% natural cotton fabric
  • Unmatched shielding characteristics
  • OEKO-Tex Certified as a skin friendly textile and free from harmful substances
  • Conductive threads are protected so no exposed metal, no flaking, grounding optional
  • Canopy has 3 convenient overlapped openings (right, left and foot of bed) for easy entry and easy exit
  • Used for shielding sleeping areas, or areas of similar size, from high frequency electromagnetic waves (microwaves)
  • May relieve symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS)
  • Shielding Effectiveness 99.99% or 40 dB at 1000 MHz and 99% effective up to 10 GHz
  • Fabric is designed and manufactured in Switzerland
  • Effective shielding for cell towers, cordless phones, security systems, wireless computer gear and more
  • Sheer fabric, easy to work with
  • Easy care for - Washable, with no loss in protection

Detect, Protect and Verify: Three Steps to Achieving Peace of Mind

Supplied with:

  • Bed Canopy: Qty=1
  • Installation Instructions


  • Ceiling mountable:  Requires Qty = 3, 7 to 8 foot hardwood dowels, mounting hardware and string for suspension to ceiling (Can be picked up at a local hardware store or a drapery outlet)
  • A floor shield is recommended if living space exists below the canopy
  • Ensure all openings are closed upon entry
  • For best results de-energize all circuits in the ceilings, walls and floors of the sleeping area
  • Verify with an AC electric field meter or body voltage meter

 Technical Data

Canopy SizesSingle Bed  - 81"L x 45"W x 90"H     (206L x 114W x 229H) cm
Double Bed - 81"L x 62"W x 90"H     (206L x 157W x 229H) cm
Queen Bed  - 86"L x 70"W x 90"H    (218L x 177W x 229H) cm
King Bed     - 92"L x 90"W x 90"H    (234L x 228W x 229H) cm
ColorSheer, Slightly Off White
CharacteristicsWashable, colourfast (colorfast), antistatic
CareHand wash in cold water, hang to dry
MountingCeiling Mounting
Raw Materials82% cotton, 18% copper/silver
CertificatesMIL-STD 285, NSA 65-6, Öko-Tex Standard 100+1000
Shielding Characteristics99.99% or 40 dB at 1000 MHz

Washing and Drying Care

  • Machine Wash - Gentle Cycle - Cold Water
  • Iron Without Steam @ 1 Degree
  • No Bleaching
  • No Chemical Dry Cleaning
  • Hang To Dry
  • Do Not Tumble Dry
Although Swiss Shield fabric is a premium quality fabric, it is still important to follow the complete range of safety guidelines which will guarantee that our product will provide you with optimum performance.  This is considered a custom item and is non-returnable, but we do have special options such as consignment sale if there are any issues.  We do not get returns on canopies - they are very well-liked.
  • When the Swiss Shield® fabric is installed, its location, quantity and proper installation should be determined by a trained EMF specialist or EMF consultant. This fabric will reflect Radio Frequency Radiation and improper installation can result in increased exposure. Please review our distributors list for qualified personnel.
  • In order to ensure optimum screening performance, the specialist or consultant should assess the living space for Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation and AC Electric Fields. Before and after measurements are important to determine the overall effectiveness of the shield. If a specialist is not available in your area then appropriate measuring equipment would be required. Please review our EMF Meter and RF Meter product pages for details.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, Swiss Shield® fabrics are surface-insulated to allow to for washing without shielding loss. Be cautious with other fabrics that have exposed metal as this material can rub off, become airborne and cause irritation or health effects. When washed, the shielding effectiveness of fabrics with exposed metal will significantly degrade.
  • Avoid the use of electronic or electrical devices inside or under the fabric.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, Swiss Shield® fabric is not fire retardant. Use with caution and at your own risk.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, Swiss Shield® fabric is intended exclusively for indoor use in dry areas.
  • As with all new textile fabric, a €new material€ scent may exist. The impact of this scent is dependent on a person's chemical sensitivity and varies from person to person. This can be resolved by washing the material before installation.

Optional Floor Mat Information 

(select floor mat option to have this included in your order)

We recommend shielding sleeping areas from below if it is not directly on the ground / earth or a concrete slab. This can be done with the use of this shielding floor mat made from our Swiss Shield Naturell fabric. The mat is to be laid under the bed or carpet and is finished with a hem on all sides. To achieve optimal results, it is important to install this item as well as the canopy in a low AC electric field environment. We recommend the use of a body voltage kit, an AC Electric Field meter and or the assistance of an EMF measuring technician to ensure the sleeping area has low AC Electric Field exposure. The installation of a demand switch can aid in reducing AC electric fields in sleeping areas.

Single: 1.5m x 2.5m (59 inches x 98 inches)
Double and Queen: 2m x 2.5m (79 inches x 98 inches)
King: 2.5m x 2.5m (98 inches x 98 inches)
Questions and Answers
Q: Hi there, I need to purchase this canopy to get out of EMF, do I need to buy a ground with it? I dont know much about how to install. I had a building biologist refer me to you but wonder if I can hang and install myself? Do I need to get a meter and check readings in the tent when installed. Do you need to shut down electricity to the room to use it? Any info on this will help. Can you tell me The benefit of being able to ground the canopy as opposed to the other canopy that costs a little less?
Asked by: Rebecca Wood - 6/30/2020 (Submit an answer)
No Answers have been submitted yet.
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