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Acousticom 2 Electrosmog and Wireless Meter Detector by EMFields

Part Number acoustc2
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Acousticom 2 Electrosmog and Wireless Meter Detector by EMFields
Acousticom 2 Electrosmog and Wireless Meter Detector by EMFields
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Our review of this product:

We've had good feedback from customers who like using this as a portable EMF/microwave/radiofrequency detector.  It's so small that you can carry it in your pocket, in the included carry case.  It's much better than trying to carry around a large meter like the HF35C or Acoustimeter.  We recommend the HF35C for real measurement.  The Acousticom 2 portable meter is more of a detector, but great for portability.  We like using both for this reason!

From the manufacturer:

The Acousticom 2 was designed using the experience gained from many years of practical RF and microwave measurements. The advanced RF detector is the same as that used in the Acoustimeter. LED lights display the peak levels of microwave electromagnetic fields from 200 MHz up to over 8000 MHz (8 GHz), covering the frequencies used by most modern communication systems encountered in our everyday environment. This includes TETRA, all mobile phone systems including 4G/LTE, Smart Meters, and all WiFi and WiMax frequencies. The LEDs update rapidly, and allow you to quickly gauge the levels in an area and find any hot-spots. Its readout is sensitive to 0.01 V/m. When two LEDs are both lit next to each other, the exposure level is halfway between the two.
e.g. when both 0.10 and 0.30 V/m are lit, the level is about 0.20 V/m (halfway between).

When first turned on the Acousticom 2 is silent. The sound may be turned on and off by pressing the button. The Acousticom 2 also has an "alarm" sounder which emits a pulsing warning at higher exposure levels. If the alarm is not required, then it is easy to disable it each time when you turn the Acousticom 2 on. The demodulated sounds allow you to determine, with a small amount of practice, what type of device is creating the pulsing microwave levels that are present. These features make the instrument the most useful and practical one available - even for people with severe electrosensitivity.

Sound samples are available on this page to help you identify what kind of signal your Acousticom 2 is measuring. The sounds made by different transmitters can change with time, so these are meant as a rough guide only. If you are subject to a number of sources of RF, the sounds may intermingle and be less easily identified.

The Acousticom 2 reacts to very short pulses. Peak readings are what they say - the highest sampled reading - though the sampling and processing rate means that there are some gaps and it will not always react to a SINGLE VERY short pulse(less than about 5 microseconds duration) - though it will react correctly to much shorter pulses that are regularly transmitted (such as from WiFi).

Please note: The internal antenna is at the upper half of the case and the back. Signals are best measured when the source is behind the instrument, but also quite good with the source to one or other side. Turn the Acousticom 2 for the highest reading.

Technical specifications

    A line of coloured LEDS displaying Peak exposure levels in V/m
    Measurement range: 200 - 8 000 MHz 6 dB (typical accuracy)
    Sensitivity (Peak Display): 0.01 - 6.00 volts per metre (V/m)
    0.01  0.02  0.05  0.1  0.3  1.0  3.0  6.0 V/m;  (0.5 to 100,000 W/m)2
    The intermediate points when two LEDs are both lit are also defined:
    0.015  0.035  0.075  0.2  0.65  2.0  4.5 V/m
    The speaker may be switched on and off
    An alarm sounder at higher exposure levels (may be disabled)
    Power source: 1x PP3/MN1604 9 volt Alkaline or Rechargeable
    Power draw: 40 to 90 mA (depends on the sound volume)
    Battery life: Up to 10 hours continuous with normal alkaline battery
      Low battery indicator light
      - the green 'on' light turns red
    Size (mm): 110 x 63 x 21 (LxWxD); Weight: 140g incl. battery
Customer Reviews
Rating Mr.
If you are sensitive to EMF this is a must-have item for day to day avoidance of high EMF areas. I use it every day to get a read on areas to avoid. The more precise meters are great - but not convenient to carry. The pocket size makes the Acousticom super-convenient to whip out and see if the seat in the restaurant is a low or high EMF area. Or, use it to check out a motel room before signing up for a bad night's sleep under the wifi, etc., etc. 5 stars for the usability, 4 stars for durability, as it is in a plastic case - you need to be careful about not dropping it. It really needs a rubber outer case like a cell phone case.
  Did you find this helpful?    43 of 43 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Texas. - 9/12/2014
Rating Consumer (retired)
Am very impressed with Acousticom 2. As an older fellow I started to become very concerned with memory loss issues. Stumbled upon info that suggested POSSIBLE connection of memory & EMF fields. This device afforded me the opportunity to assess my immediate environment. For me, the meter suggested that I might profit from moving my Wifi router from my nightstand. I don't obsess, but this meter assisted me in making changes that made it well worth the money.
  Did you find this helpful?    7 of 7 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from N. Calif.. - 3/25/2018
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