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She does not tolerate the waves of mobile phones and wi-fi makes her sick. Christiane Le Dauphin is allergic to magnetic fields. This inhabitant of Boistrudan (35) lives a living hell. Today, she started a hunger strike and calls for the creation of safe zones, without waves. When we met with Christiane Le Dauphin, we had to come without our laptops. This woman has been allergic to electromagnetic radiation for a few years as others are allergic to gluten or egg. She moved to Boistrudan, Ille-et-Vilaine, two years ago, believing she would be experience a reduction in magnetic fields. Previously, she lived in Rennes, but her life was in danger. At Boistrudan, her health effects were mitigated at the beginning. She had less headaches, she slept almost normally and especially her digestive disorders and memory disorders were less painful. But in the last few months, these issues have returned.

At her home, she lives with a net of copper on her head and sleeps in a sleeping bag with copper wire embedded. But in spite of all these precautions, today she wants to start a hunger strike to communicate her despair. She never wanted to be cut off from society, by locking herself in a secluded cave, she just wants live in a place without waves, without magnetic fields, in a safe zone. Except that the safe zones are almost gone in France. Electromagnetic waves are everywhere, from our wireless phones, from our electrical appliances, in the compact fluorescent light bulbs, the baby monitors and of course the laptops ... Today, there are 72 million mobile phones in France, there were 120 billion minutes consumed last year. The country is covered with relay antennas, there were more than 78,000 in the city in 2012. And the country has more and more electromagnetically sensitive people, who have difficulty recognizing their disease.

(Editor's note: Edited for readability in English)
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