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Analog Electric Meter - Watthour Meter - Analog Only Electric Utility Meter

Part Number analogmeter
review 5 Review(s)
Analog Electric Meter - Watthour Meter - Analog Only Electric Utility Meter
"EZ Read" Cyclometer style meter (This is an optional upgrade)
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Pointer (dial) style currently unavailable.  EZ Read is still available.

Standard meter, 120 volt or 240 volt or both. 200 AMP. 60Hz

This meter is a standard meter used in all 50 US States.  It is certified for use in California as well.  It is also suitable for power systems that are compatible with the US.  60 Hz 120/240 volt with US compatible socket.  Our customers use these meters for replacing "smart" or AMR and other types of electronic (digital) electric utility meters.  Our customers also use these for new construction, sub-metering rental property, installing in-line with the utility company's meter to make sure they are getting charged accurately, and also for boat/RV centers.  It can be used for just about anything where you need to measure electrical usage over time for 120 and/or 240 volt.

These meters are remanufactured or factory re-certified meters.  Unfortunately, no companies make new analog watthour meters like this - all of the manufacturers have moved over to digital solid-state meters which have some advantages, but also some very serious disadvantages (safety, health, privacy, limited service life, etc).  The manufacturer may vary (depending on availability).  We carry name brand meters like GE, Westinghouse, Sangamo, and Landis Gyr.  We cannot guarantee you will receive any particular brand or model of analog electric meter.

ElectraHealth carries a full line of electromechanical watthour utility meters - for multi-phase, commercial, and meters of all sizes.  If you have a special size meter, we can probably get it for you.  We supply meters for campgrounds, marinas, and other sub-metering applications.  We provide meters for brand new developments, and provide meters to overseas companies.  Any kind of electric usage meter you need - just give us a call and we would love to help.

The Return to Analog Utility Meters is a great article posted on our site recommended to everyone aware of the smart meter issue.  Visit FreedomTaker.com to download sample legal notices - absolutely recommended to send in before changing out the meter yourself.

Why buy from us?  The meters we sell have been calibrated, set to 0, tested and certified and safety/tamper sealed by one of the oldest meter companies left in the country.  You can be confident that it will read accurately.  Our meters are calibrated to within 1% accuracy - whereas the industry standard is 2% - so we far surpass the industry standard.  All meters also come with a 2 year warranty.  To date we have still never received a single warranty request for these trusty mechanical meters.

This is an analog electric utility meter.  They are also called "electromechanical" meters.  These are the kind of meters that have been used on houses for decades.  They are simple, safe, and reliable.  There are no electronics in this meter - it is strictly analog only.  There is no switching or switch-mode power supply (SMPS) and there is nothing that records or transmits how you use your electricity in the privacy of your home.  There is no radio that generates radiation all day long.

This is how an electric meter should be.  Safe, effective, and simply there to record how much electricity you use.

We have had many customers use this meters to replace their "Smart Meter" electronic and transmitting style meter.  No customers have gotten arrested, none have been sued.  We've never even heard of these things happening.  (The only arrest was the Naperville arrest, and there was no analog meter involved in that - they were simply arrested for saying they didn't want the smart meter).  We have heard of people getting their power disconnected after they switch the meter.  But most people have not had that experience.

Particularly, if a group of people swap out their meters at the same time they are safer and have less risk of getting their power shut off.  Bullies like the power companies like to single out people - they don't like to fight against groups - even small groups.

We do NOT offer support on this product.  We can't recommend that you swap your own meter out, as there can be serious risk of injury or death when working on voltage.  But many people do this - it's not difficult.  Many people hire handymen or electricians (pay them cash and promise them you won't reveal their identity) to do it for them.

The electric company swaps meters out without even shutting the power down or turning off devices in your home.  You can do it safer by first shutting off your computers, then turning off ALL circuit breaker switches AND turning off the main (large) circuit breaker.

WARNING: Even after you shut off all your power inside the home, the "socket" or box that the electric utility meter is mounted in still contains live electricity.  The circuit breaker/main does NOT shut off the electricity to the electric meter.  So when you pull that smart meter out, there is live electricity capable of killing you behind it.

Shutting off all the electricity in the house is still a good idea as it eliminates the load or power draw through the meter.

Now, clip off any tags or locks your power company put on your utility socket box.

Electricians usually wear thick protective leather gloves, sometimes with special layer to insulate against electricity.  They also wear eye protection or even a blast shield over their whole face.

Your meter will either have a ring that secures it and prevents removal, or the cover of the box itself will have a lip or edge that secures it in.  Ring-types all you have to do is remove this ring and the meter will pull right out.  Cover types you will need to open/remove the cover first before being able to remove the meter.  Look for a metal ring and tag along the base of the meter that is sticking out.  

Firmly grasp the meter with both hands, being careful to keep hands far away from the metal contacts inside the box.  Grasp around the meter near the front face so that you don't get close to the live electrical contacts in the back of the box.

Firmly pull out, tilting down and away if necessary to get the meter to release from the socket.  Reverse this process with the safe analog meter to snugly push it into place.  Line up the bottom connectors of the analog first, then push it forward and snap it into alignment/place.  Replace the ring (if you have a ring).

Some boxes may have a ring that holds the meter on instead of a cover.  This is probably even safer, as the contacts won't be exposed.  But either method is as safe as you are.  You can always have someone else do this for you.  It is not a difficult job at all.

Here are some youtube videos:


(PG&E installing their own analog back in)

(another ring-type)

(another ring-type.  This guy touches the contacts with his gloves - do NOT do this.)

(cover-type meter swap, courtesy of a power company)

Global people who swapped out meters: dozens that we've heard of - thousands and thousands out there we estimate
Global people sued for swapping: 1 that we've heard of
Arrested for swapping: none
Individual ElectraHealth customers who reported their power shut off: 4
Global individuals who had power shut off by power company: fewer than 10 we've heard of
Number of analog meters sold by ElectraHealth: Thousands
Groups who had power shut off by power company: none - but we have heard of at least one utility -  - which has made a habit of disconnecting its customers who install analog meters.

We will continually update these statistics.

EZ Read option:  There are two types of analog electric meters - we carry them both.  The basic type is the "pointer style" which has 5 little needles that point to numbers (and in between numbers).  These are the most common and least expensive.  The second type of meter is the cyclometer - that is easier to read.  You can see it in the picture above if you click on the secondary picture.  The display is mechanical, but displays in digits like an old fashioned mechanical odometer on a car.  There is a slight upgrade fee for this (use the checkbox option if you want it), but it works the same as the other one.  The only advantage is it is easier/quicker to read.

Return policy:  This is a special item that we don't really profit from.  We also have to make sure that nothing has been tampered with.  As such, no returns are accepted on this item unless there is a defect (we haven't had any yet).
Customer Reviews
Rating Analog Electric meter
Quick shipment and very good service. Meter is being used in series right below the smart meter to make sure I don't get overcharged on the utility bill. Overall a very good product and reliable!
  Did you find this helpful?    70 of 75 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from . - 11/16/2015
Rating Mr
These meters are provided by an organization with heart and integrity. They are easy to install and they just work. I purchased two and am very pleased with them and the quality of support provided. I would purchase from ElectraHealth.com again and highly recommend them to others.
  Did you find this helpful?    47 of 51 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Michigan. - 8/1/2016
Rating Landlord
Items were as described, in very good condition, and arrived on time. Yes, I would purchase from this supplier again.
  Did you find this helpful?    15 of 16 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Port Orchard. - 1/31/2018
Rating Troublemaker
I purchased four of these meters for several reasons. First, to check up on the readings from two AMR meters on my property, secondly to have one to put on our home if we opt out of the new AMI system that is proposed by our local utility. The last meter we gave away at a raffle we had during an event where the public was given the opportunity to speak out about the "smart" meters. A reporter for the local newspaper won the prize, and he wrote a fairly good article about the meeting! I think he's using it as a paperweight. I haven't had a chance to try them out yet but they are robust and simple. Back to the future!
  Did you find this helpful?    15 of 16 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Washington State. - 11/13/2017
Rating Appreciative - Great Product for Freedom of HEALTH
"I received my analogue meter from ElectraHealth.com in a reasonable good time and in great condition. It looks brand new." Have a great day!
  Did you find this helpful?    13 of 13 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Victoria, British Columbia Canada. - 4/11/2019
Questions and Answers View all Q&A
Q: I am interested in an analog meter with the old-fashioned style arrows and spinning disc. Who manufactures the Part number 50? Does it plug in to where a Digital Smart Meter has been? Will it fit?
Asked by: Barbara Bowman - 2/14/2015 (Submit an answer)
A: These meters are standard all across the USA. They will fit your typical home electric utility meter socket. The meters work in all 50 states and are even California approved.

The regular meter for $47.95 is exactly what you're talking about - an old-fashioned simple analog meter with the disc that spins around and the "pointers" that point to numbers. It's a typical 5 dial pointer watthour meter. We've had never had an incompatibility issue or anything like that - they always work :)
Was this answer helpful?    71 of 78 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  SHAUN KRANISH (2/15/2015)
Q: Will my electric company allow me to install this meter in place of my current smart meter?
Asked by: Tim - 12/25/2015 (Submit an answer)
A: Electric companies are people. So there is no telling how they will react. However, we can say that our customers overall have very good results with installing these meters. I can only think of 1 or 2 cases where the customer has had very poor reactions by the power company people (such as having power shutoff). We highly recommend sending in the legal notices first. Those along with more information can be found here:
Was this answer helpful?    46 of 52 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Shaun Kranish (12/28/2015)
Q: Is this meter bi-directional? Will it work with grid-tied solar?
Asked by: Grace - 6/28/2015 (Submit an answer)
A: Yes, these meters are fully bi-directional and should work fine with solar systems. They have been used for this purpose, and we have not received any complaints or had any issues with the use of the meters with solar or with any other application.
Was this answer helpful?    33 of 33 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Shaun Kranish (7/26/2015)
Q: Who is the manufacturer of these analog meters and are they compatible in Canada? Thank you.
Asked by: marilyn - 6/23/2015 (Submit an answer)
A: These meters should work well in Canada - we have shipped many up to Canada and have not had any complaints. As far as we know, the meters used in Canada are the same as the US (standard throughout North America). They should work just great up in Canada!
Was this answer helpful?    31 of 42 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Shaun Kranish (6/24/2015)
Q: Can analogue electricity meter be adjusted to reduce/increase the spinning disc? if yes how???
Asked by: kelly - 1/14/2016 (Submit an answer)
A: Yes, there is a way to adjust the meters, but as we do not manufacture the meters ourselves, we cannot give you a definitive answer on the how-to. There is probably a single adjustment screw.

These meters all come tested and calibrated by the manufacturer. They are also sealed with a tamper-evident seal, and if the seal is removed the warranty is also void. If the meter is used with a utility company, removing the seal would also show that the meter has been tampered with. So unless you are using it for a very special purpose, we highly recommend against trying to adjust it. Adjusting it in any way would make the meter read inaccurately. It comes from the manufacturer VERY accurate - so it is inadvisable to try to change it.
Was this answer helpful?    21 of 23 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Shaun Kranish (1/14/2016)
Q: This meter will not go on regular electric grid, I want to monitor laundry room how much power (electricity) is used by those machines,is this complete hook up, like cables go in and cables go out, or addition base go to it to install this meter?, please let me know, additional pictures appreciated to see it from behind (back)of it.Thanks
Asked by: Rich - 4/3/2015 (Submit an answer)
A: Hi Rich,

These meters are standard, and can be used with 120 volts or 240 volts. To sub-meter devices in your house, you would need a meter socket to go along with these. We can provide you with a standard meter socket. Please check all local codes to make sure you are wiring everything correctly to code.
Was this answer helpful?    18 of 19 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Shaun Kranish (6/24/2015)
Q: Is there a difference in the size ?Out of the 2 which one would be able to handle more electricity through it ?My house is like 2000 ft. and I have three air conditioning units which is about 10 tons of air. So my question is is is one of these able to handle more power than the other ?Or do you have another one on hand that would take more electricity through it that would be better than the two you show here?
Asked by: Kane Price - 8/2/2015 (Submit an answer)
A: The meters we carry are rated at 200 amps. This is the standard across the country. Very, very few homes have service greater than 200 amps. I'm sure your service is 200 amps or less. You can verify this by looking at your MAIN circuit breaker panel and look at the number on the main breaker - it is usually 100 or 200. Most people never use even 100 amps let alone 200 :)

So you can use either of the meters we carry. Most people just get the standard "pointer" style meter. I know for certain that it will handle your power needs.
Was this answer helpful?    14 of 15 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Shaun Kranish (8/2/2015)
Q: For the meter reading do I include all 5 numbers, since the 5th number is constantly moving?
Asked by: Dymon - 1/26/2016 (Submit an answer)
A: Yes, you should read all of the numbers on our meters. All 5 digits represent the kilowatt hours reading.
Was this answer helpful?    12 of 13 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Shaun Kranish (1/27/2016)
Q: Is this meter okay for use in Canada? We use BC hydro as our electrical supplier.Would they have any problems changing it? Thanks very much for all your help.
Asked by: Mark Lohse - 3/22/2016 (Submit an answer)
No Answers have been submitted yet.
Q:  electronic meter it has a remote transmitter because they can't get in my yard to read the meter so how do you remedy that?
Asked by: Leland - 3/24/2016 (Submit an answer)
No Answers have been submitted yet.
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