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  2. Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation - Eurasian Communist Countries
The purpose of this review is to provide information necessary to assess human vulnerability, protection materials, and methods applicable to military operations. The study provides an insight on the current research capabilities of these countries. Information on trends is presented when feasible and supportable. 

The study discusses the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation in the radio- and microwave ranges (up through 300,000 megahertz). It is not within the realm of this study to provide detailed descriptions of every laboratory experiment. Such data have been purposely omitted in favor of an analytical approach. An attempt has been made to identify the principal areas of research and to discuss the significance of experimental results. 

The information reported in this study has been drawn from scientific, medical, and military journals, intelligence reports, magazines, news items, books, and other publications. The information cut-off date for this study was 1 October 1975.