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Body Voltage Home Test Kit

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Body Voltage Home Test Kit
Body Voltage Home Test Kit
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Important: We have seen some people in the marketplace who are selling "grounding" or "earthing" devices use a body voltage kit or similar meter to try to show that their devices are doing something.  We do NOT support the use of this meter for that purpose.  This meter is a way to approximate - a surrogate measurement according to Building Biology - AC electric fields nearby.  "Grounding" or "Earthing" the body and seeing the meter drop to zero or near zero only means the body is at or near the same potential as the ground in the outlet.  This doesn't tell us anything useful, and in some cases grounding/earthing like this have been shown to cause harm.

We use and recommend this Body Voltage Kit as a way to see which circuits should be shutoff for sleeping areas at night, and a way to see how effective the use of shielded cords and other electric field shielding or power shutting off is.

Most Popular, Easy to Use Body Voltage Test Kit - Measures AC Voltage Present on the Human Body From Live Electrical Wiring in your Ceilings Walls and Floors

Easy to Use Body Voltage Home Test Kit - Compatible with Bau-Biologie / Building Biology Measurement Guidelines


AC Electric Fields from live electrical wires are attracted to the Human Body. This test kit will indicate the level of AC voltage on the body from the surroundings. Determining exposure levels will complement measurements of an AC Electric Field meter 

  •    Measures the amount of AC voltage attached to the human body from the following:

     - Electrical wires hidden in the ceilings, walls and floors

     - Overhead power lines

     Power outlets

     - Extension Cords

     Power bars

     - Appliance power cables etc...

  • Typically used in sleeping areas to determine what circuit breakers require a demand switch
  • For precise body voltage measurements in milliVolts
  • Complies with Bau-Biologie measurement standards
  • Detailed Body Voltage measuring instructions included
  • Complete with basic body voltage meterhand probeground cableground rod and other accessories
  • Meter includes a standard 9V alkaline battery comes in a carrying case
  • 1 Year Manufacturers warranty

 "Know for sure" What AC Voltage is on your body

Body Voltage Home Test Kit includes: 

  • Deluxe Plastic Carrying Case CC2
  • Basic Body Voltage Meter
  • Body Voltage Measuring Instructions
  • Test Lead 39 inches / 1 Meter - Red - For Hand Probe (4mm banana)
  • Test Lead 20' / 6.1 Meters - Black - For Grounding  (4mm banana)
  • Hand Probe - 4 inches - Polished Solid Brass
  • Ground Plug - For grounding to a 120 VAC electrical outlet
  • Ground Clamp - For grounding to a water pipe
  • Ground Clip - Alligator Clip to assist with Grounding (4mm banana)
  • 9V Alkaline Battery Included
  • Outlet Tester
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