This video illustrates the lack of attention that FCC licensees give to ensuring their sites are compliant with regulations regarding RF exposure and are keeping nearby residents safe. We recommend a safety protocol that ensures that all wireless communications sites are compliant and workers and residents alike receive the site specific safety information they require to stay safe. 

Here's a short excerpt from the video:

What about someone doing work in front of an antenna?

"When you have no guidelines, we're basically just rolling the dice with our health and safety," said Sherrie Anderson who manages a Phoenix office building.

Anderson told CBS 5 that the companies who installed the cell towers have never given them any safety instructions, or provided any guidelines for maintenance workers, who may be exposed to high levels of electric and magnetic power.

"If you're putting floor polish on, there's an OSHA standard," said Anderson. "If you're doing electrical work - there's an OSHA standard. We have no standards - no protocol. Basically, we're just up there blind."
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