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Most people do not know that cell phones and wireless devices can affect unborn children. A new study (part one), (part two) reports that exposures from electromagnetic fields and wireless radiation may contribute to autism.  Autism now affects about one in 88 children with a staggering cost estimated at $137 billion per year in the US.

In the 1970′s, before widespread use of cell phones autism was a comparatively rare health issue. Today, autism is so prevalent that the Centers for Disease Control call it a national health crisis.

Co-authors Dr. Martha Herbert and Cindy Sage have integrated the results of over 550 scientific studies that report biological effects of electromagnetic radiation and wireless exposures, and of common biology and brain problems in autism.

Many of the behavioral and biological characteristics seen in autism are similar or identical to those produced by typical daily exposures to cell and cordless phone radiation, cell towers, baby monitors, wireless tablets, WI-FI and other sources of pulsed electromagnetic radiation. But, personal choices can make a big difference in lowering exposure for pregnant women, infants and the whole family.

Dr. Martha Herbert, PhD, MD of Harvard Medical School and a pediatric neurologist with Massachusetts General Hospital says “such exposures can have a disorganizing effect on the brain’s ability to learn and remember, and can be destabilizing to immune and metabolic function”.

Children are more vulnerable than adults to environmental toxins, and can be affected in-utero as well as during the rapid growth of early childhood. Brain and nervous system in young children appear to be particularly sensitive.
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