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Electrahealth.com Editor's Note: We do not agree with executive "decrees" that compel humans to do things they do not want to do. We do not support the one-size-fits-all, dictatorial approach the Danish government is taking on the "smart" meter roll out. No matter the "potential," individual choice must never be steamrolled.

By executive order of the country's energy and climate minister, every house in Denmark will be equipped with a smart meter by 2020. The executive order of Climate, Energy and Building Minister Martin Lidegaard still needs approval, however.

“The potential is enormous. A smart energy system begins with smart electricity meters. When consumers get an hour-by-hour overview of energy consumption, it increases the ability to impact on electricity bills," Lidegaard said.

Lidegaard's ministry said smart meters could save electricity users in Denmark an average of about $32.

About half of Denmark's homes have smart meters already, according to data from the Danish government.
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