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The state says microwave radiation is safe, but consider all the toxins which were once "extensively tested and considered safe" by the state: DDT, Thalidomide, Smoking, Asbestos, Lead Paint, Tetraethyl Lead, PCB's, Mercury, Methylmercury, DES...
For the doubters: "People are of different sensitivities. We know that one person can get a bee sting and nothing happens; another goes into anaphylactic shock. Same bee sting, different reaction."
Here in the US, we're six years behind in getting the brain tumor database completed, and currently the best data are from 1999. By the time you see any data showing an increase, the ticking time bomb is set.
Before the EPA shut down all its research on microwave effects, two of their researchers found that "microwave radiation directly inhibits mitochondrial energy production pathways in rat brain, and that tissue heating is not a factor."
Two of the world’s largest insurance companies, Lloyds of London and Swiss Re, have recommended to other insurance companies to write in exclusion clauses against paying compensation for illnesses caused by continuous long-term low level radiation.
Some police departments have banned the use of hand-held radar guns because of the link between long term exposure to EMR emitted by the device and cancer in police officers.
A 1992 Swedish study of 500,000 people conclusively linked cancer to electromagnetic exposure.
ARRL (American Radio Relay League, the national association for amateur radio): "The FCC's standard does not protect against non-thermal effects."
Radio frequency electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones cause an increase in blood pressure, concludes a German study.