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EMF, electropollution, and dirty electricity: these are a few of the many terms used to describe harmful man-made energy or radiation.  It’s widely known that there are health effects, but this topic can easily seem confusing and overwhelming.  This article explains the different types of EMF energy  and provides practical information on what can be done to reduce and eliminate this pollutant.

EMF stands for electromagnetic field or electromagnetic frequency.  It could also be called EMR – electromagnetic radiation.  There is natural EMF – such as visible light from the sun, invisible radiation from the sun and other sources in space, and natural fields of  the earth and atmosphere.  There are also  artificial, or man-made sources, and this is what the discussion is really about.  Artificial EMF comes from electricity generation, transmission on wires, use in the home/office, and an ever-increasing blanket of wireless radiation that travels through the air from cell towers, radio and TV broadcasts, satellites, radar and much more.

Because EMF is such a general and commonly used term, it has become the umbrella term for all of the different types of man-made energy.  EMF could describe magnetic fields from transformers or power lines, electric fields from any live, electrified wiring, dirty electricity – a specific type of electric field caused by harmful frequencies or “noise” on electrical wiring, and radiofrequency (RF) radiation – the kind generated by cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, “smart” meters, as well as radio and TV stations, and many other sources.

With all this potentially harmful energy out there, where does one begin?

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