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How is it that the US government allows you to be exposed to dangerous levels of radio-frequency radiation? Read up: "A Primer on the FCC Guidelines for the Smart Meter Age"

The FCC limit for public exposure to microwave radio-frequency radiation is about 600 microwatts per square centimeter *for thirty (30) minutes*, at the cell-phone and 'smart' meter range of frequencies. Perhaps people living over banks of meters should aim for a thirty-minute nightly bout of sleep.

These FCC levels are based solely on the heating effect of those levels, not on other biological effects. Numerous scientists and public health advocates have called for much, much lower levels of acceptable exposure, based on a long list of experimental and epidemiological studies showing clear effects at lower levels..

Technical information about measurement instrument: This high frequency analyzer has two (2) attenuators on the antenna, rendering it able to read much higher peak power density levels of RF, and changing the read-out units from microwatts per square METER to microwatts per square CENTIMETER. It reads RF in the 800 MHz to 3.0 GHz range.
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