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This survey was conducted by Shaun Kranish - "The EMF Explorer", owner of ElectraHealth.com.  The survey was designed to be as scientific as possible, but undoubtedly there are flaws.  The survey was sent out to ALL current subscribers of the ElectraHealth newsletter.  It was also posted on other websites open to the general public.  One potential flaw may be that some customers who returned the filters may also have unsubscribed from the emails and therefore not given the opportunity to respond.  We had no way to control for this though - we had to follow the spam rules and we respect our customers wishes above all else.

The questions and the results were as follows:

Question: What was your (or you family's) experience with the filters?
Answer OptionsResponse PercentResponse Count  Sum
100% Better8.1%13Better50.93%
90% Better8.1%13
80% Better9.9%16
70% Better6.8%11
60% Better3.7%6
50% Better3.7%6
40% Better3.7%6
30% Better3.7%6
20% Better2.5%4
10% Better0.6%1
Did not notice any difference26.1%42Didn't notice:26.09%
I'm not sure if the difference was due to filters or something else I'm doing19.3%31Not sure:19.25%
10% Worse0.6%1
20% Worse0.0%0
30% Worse0.0%0
40% Worse0.0%0
50% Worse0.6%1
60% Worse0.0%0
70% Worse0.6%1
80% Worse0.0%0
90% Worse0.6%1
100% Worse1.2%2Worse:3.73%
answered question161
skipped question11



The survey was 4 questions.  The first 2 questions were marketing - Which mostly prompted you to try the Stetzerizer filters? and How did you first hear about Stetzerizer filters?  The last 2 questions are the important ones:
How did you install Stetzerizer filters?  (According to recommendations - in every room throughout the house | Installed filters most areas in the house | Installed just a few filters in 1-3 areas | I tried only 1 Stetzerizer filter)
The final question and results you can see above.  We have the raw survey results/responses, but I do not personally (nor anyone else employed by me) have the ability to analyze them to see if there is any correlation between the response in question 3 and the response in question 4.  I would be happy to send the raw results to anyone who would like to look at this.  I would suspect that those who installed them as recommended or installed more of them in more locations had better results.  But the data needs to be analyzed to confirm that.