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  2. Findings in Autism Consistent with Electromagnetic Fields and Radiofrequency Radiation
Both EMF and RFR exposures are already classified as IARC 2B Possible Human Carcinogens. The substantial scientific literature on EMF and RFR effects on DNA, on immune and blood-brain barrier disruption, on stress proteins, on circadian rhythms and hormone disregulation, and on cognition, sleep, disruption of neural control and altered brainwave activity all argue for reduction of exposures now, and better coordinated research in these areas. All relevant environmental conditions should be given weight in defining and implementing prudent, precautionary actions to protect public health, including EMF and RFR. Evidence is sufficient to add EMF/RFR prominently to the list of exposures that can degrade the human genome, and impair normal development, health and quality of our physiology. With the rising numbers of people with ASDs and other childhood health and developmental disorders, we cannot afford to ignore this component of risk to our children and vulnerable populations. When the risk factors are largely avoidable or preventable, ignoring clear evidence of large-scale health risks to global populations poses unnecessary and unacceptable risks.