FortisBC is not only installing meters recklessly in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, they are bullying people to take the meter or get disconnected.

I attended the BCUC Oral Hearings in Kelowna as a Registered Intervener to hear the science substantiating the safety of the smart meter program. As a Registered Intervener I cross-examined FortisBC “experts” in front of the BCUC for 3.5 hours.

FortisBC had the room filled with lawyers and their experts. Their experts were qualified by the BCUC even though I questioned them on how can they be expert witnesses when exposure codes admit that critical science is missing.

FortisBC Engineer Mark Warren and accountant Tom Loski simply dismissed electricity as peer-reviewed science, dismissed engineering or the City of Kelowna as the BC Building Code authority. FortisBC dismissed medical education, induction of pacemakers, building or infrastructure damage, etc. While that seems like a good political move, FortisBC undermined Kelowna as well as the other areas of their coverage areas. City of Kelowna on FortisBC Smart Meter Installation and Fires

1. Where are the documents from FortisBC from pacemaker manufacturers allowing for the electrical interference with their pacemaker? Recipients are told to stay out of an electromagnetic field and FortisBC is taking the EMF to the home.

2. Where did the City of Kelowna or professional engineers sign off on the blanket radiation affecting building code compliance Where are the documents with FortisBC, engineers or Kelowna picking up liability?

3. Have police been properly informed that FortisBC is installing RF EMFs on the building which will assault everyone? It is a highly penetrating EMF going through people and their building. It is a subtle tase or a 24/7 subtle electrocution and happening to RCMP as well as other First Responder’s families.

4. RCMP need to arrest the installers and FortisBC’s administration for assault with a deadly weapon. If police responded to a residence where someone kept tasing people, how would they respond? Just because police do not understand the crime doesn’t mean they don’t have to investigate. Home owners need to call the police and ask for a file number regarding their real complaint.

5. People need to contact the city, your insurer, your doctor, your MLA or MP Ron Cannan as our voice in Ottawa. They were never consulted or informed.

All of the buildings FortisBC has installed meters on are compromised!
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