ElectraHealth.com is beginning to conduct research surveys on EMF exposure, symptoms, what helps, what doesn't, products, etc.  These surveys will be conducted from time to time, sent out in our email newsletter.  Make sure you sign up at the top right of the home page.

We will always post the results of these surveys, because the purpose of them is to inform the public and share our information and experiences with one another!

Our first survey was sent via email.  Here are the results!!

1   (3)    15.8%  Feeling Terrible/Awful/Dying
2   (1)    5.3%    Feeling extremely bad
3   (1)    5.3%    Feeling much worse
4   (0)    0.0%    Feeling worse
5   (3)    15.8%  Neutral - no change - feeling the same
6   (1)    5.3%    Feeling slightly better
7   (4)    21.1%  Feeling better yet
8   (4)    21.1%  Feeling much, much better
9   (2)    10.5%  Feeling awesome/incredibly better
10  (0)    0.0%   Miraculous healing

The numbers 1-10 on the left are the numbers chosen by the respondents in the survey.  Assuming everyone understood how the numbering worked and answered accordingly, these numbers are indicative of how the 19 respondents felt after using grounding products.  3 people felt no different.  5 people felt worse, 3 of which felt really terrible.  11 people felt better, many of which felt significantly better it looks like.

19 responses wasn't a whole lot to gauge things, but at least it is something.  We still wanted to get an idea and get some feedback.  My intuition on grounding has been that it may very well provide benefits in certain situations, but there are also risks.  If you ground indoors with products, your environment (where piping, wires, and other metal is, electronics, etc) plays a huge role I think.  Grounding indoors can make things worse, but it looks like some people really felt better too.  That's why we don't carry grounding products yet - we're still investigating it.  But I'm open minded to it, and it could be very useful when done safely.
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