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Recently, the California Public Utilities Commission made a request to Southern California Edison and The San Diego Gas and Electric Company, to create a framework for their customers, in which those who did not want to have the Smart Meters installed did not have to do so. The Smart Meter has been all the rage of the energy industry, as it is being touted as the instrument by which the customers of the various utility companies will have smaller billings each month due to the fact that the energy companies will monitor your use and advise you on the proper usage of the service you pay for.

The Smart Meters have also been accused of being an installation by which the utility companies will be able to turn off your service when you fall behind in your payments. With so many people out of work here in Southern California and the whole country, having your power turned off is the last thing you will need.

For myself, as an adjuster, I believe the Smart Meters are a real a threat to the safety of your home, business and property. I have personally worked two large homeowner fires in which the Smart Meters were determined as responsible. Also, they have been responsible for several small fires in which appliances and computers have been destroyed.

All in all I believe the California Public Utilities Commission has finally done something right, because the Smart Meters are not really so smart after all.
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