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Big Brother has a new agenda: He wants a "Smart Meter" installed in every home in America.

The electric company is currently "upgrading" electric meters. By "upgrading" they mean replacing harmless meters with meters that produce EM radiation that can cause severe health problems from chronic fatigue to cancer.

When the electric company notified me it would be installing a "new automated meter" (better known as a "Smart Meter" or a "weaponized spy device") at my home, I opted out. The fine for opting out is usually $70, with possibly a $30 monthly fee, too.

To protect our health by opting out, we have to pay a penalty. Could all of the people in the community afford their penalties or would they have to accept a toxic assault? And, hey, isn't Obamacare demanding a penalty if we opt out of it?

Have we been asleep? When did freedom end and totalitarianism begin?

The former Microsoft Canada President called wireless radiation "our biggest modern health threat."

Massachusetts' largest electric utility, Northeast Utilities, courageously said, "There is no rational basis for the implementation of smart meters"

In Maryland, the MSMA ((Maryland Smart Meter Awareness) is fighting their electric company's fees for opting out.

A California community returned its smart meters to their electric company and said, "No thanks."

What you can do: Write to one or more of the commissioners of the Corporation Commission: Chairman Bob Stump, Commissioners Gary Pierce, Brenda Burns, Bob Burns, Susan Bittersmith. All five represent the whole state. Ask the commissioners to sponsor a bill to allow permanent opt outs from Smarts Meters and make it illegal to charge a fine of any kind for opting out. Ask them to make Smart Meters illegal in Arizona. Mailing address: Corporation Commission, 1200 W. Washington, Phoenix AZ 85007.

Arden Druce

Camp Verde
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