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Microwaves and Children at School - Barrie Trower Testimony

Posted by Bob on 8/15/2013 to Wireless
The following is an excerpt from longer testimony that Barrie Trower delivered to the United States District Court District of Oregon Portland Division for a civil suit seeking a permanent injunction enjoining Portland Public Schools' use of Wi-Fi:

I find Portland Public Schools decision to install WI-FI in conflict with its decision against (see Correspondence, Patrick Wolfe, Complaint Ex. B) installing any cell mast technology on its buildings when a classroom of computers could exceed the power from an ordinary mobile phone transmitter. It is a common misconception that as WI-FI uses a small transmitter, such a low dose of radiation must be harmless. As shown earlier there are now many studies showing illnesses from these transmitters, and this is confirmed by the WHO. 

What should be happening is you should be measuring the amount of radiation in the room to determine if it is safe for children. However, I can tell you without looking that it is not. Because unlike medication, where there is an adult dose and a childrens dose, there is no safety level for microwave radiation for children, not one. My position as scientific advisor requires that I read and translate papers from all around the world, and, I have never, ever, no matter which country I lecture in, which paper I have read, I have never seen a single scientist brave enough to submit for peer review a safety level of microwave radiation for a child or embryo. There is not one that exists. 

Children are particularly susceptible to microwaves, they do not have our immune systems, and they are not developed. As well, their skulls are thin and their bones (which are producing stem cells that make their immune systems and all other parts of their bodies) are soft allowing the microwaves to penetrate very easily (Cherry (1998), http://www.emfguru.org/EMF/genotoxic/Genotoxic-EMR-paper.htm, scroll down to figure 45, (there is research to show that stem cells, in the bone marrow can absorb microwaves)). Finally, they act like antennas and absorb more radiation than adults because they are smaller, they are nearer the wavelength.

Children are not small adults. Children are physiologically and neurologically immature; their systems have not yet formed. Microwave radiation alters the blood brain barrier so toxins leak into the brain, which can cause psychiatric problems amongst many other problems. Auditory hallucinations that make people think they are hearing sounds, difficulty concentrating, sleeplessness and irritability are among the symptoms of blood brain barrier damage. Likewise, a childs immune system, which fights off infection, takes 18 years to develop. Additionally 122 layers of protein insulate the electrically generated signals used by the nervous system to control muscles and organs. These layers of protein take 22 years to develop: microwave radiation has been shown to affect protein synthesis. This could lead to muscular dystrophy like symptoms in later life. 

I have always predicted that any school which allows itself to be 'bathed' in microwaves from whatever source will see its sicknesses rise and behaviour fall. I have received many phone calls to confirm this. In all of the schools I have visited around the world with WI-FI, every one has reported the same symptoms in students: fatigue, headaches, nausea, chest pain, vision problems. I argue that you could experience psychiatric problems, increase in aggression and other bad behaviour, as well as reduced immune systems, leading to more colds, coughs, longer colds, longer coughs, longer illnesses, depression, anxiety, thence, suicidal tendencies or taken to its ultimate leukaemia.

Research suggests children and women (females have more complex hormone based systems to be disrupted than males) exhibit more vulnerability to illnesses from irradiation than adult males.

The problem with young girls is that microwave irradiation has been shown to damage the genetic structure in their ovaries. Girls are born with all of the eggs they need in their ovaries at birth. They are immature eggs, hence susceptible to damage during growth. Microwaves are genotoxic (experiments can be linked to children showing low level mobile telephony radiation disrupts the bio-chemistry of follicle cells in a mammalian egg chamber), hence the microwaves irradiation could affect the genetic structure within the eggs. The problem here is that the mitochondrial DNA, the genes inside the ovaries, is irreparable. If you have a little girl who damages, through this mechanism, the genetic structure in one of her eggs and she has a daughter, that daughter will carry that genetic problem, because it is irreparable. And her daughter will carry that genetic problem, because it is irreparable. And every female forever, in that line, will carry that problem in perpetuity, because it is irreparable.

I believe the most important research I have read is from Dr. Goldsworthy, The biological effects of weak electromagnetic fields(2007), http:tinyurl.com/2nfuj; also, [email protected] Dr. Goldsworthy not only shows the mechanism by which microwaves disrupt cells, but also predicts that a genetically damaged sperm and egg can lead to mutant offspring maybe generations away. If you think of children with these transmitters near their laps, the question must be, why take this risk for the sake of a piece of cable and a plug, which could replace WI-FI with no loss of performance?

The mechanics of this process is understood as permanent low level microwave exposure induces chronic nitrosative and oxidative stress. Warnke, http://www.hese-project.org/de/emf/WissenschaftForschung/Warnke_Dr.%20rer.%20nat._Ulrich/20050219_VortragDrWarnke.pdf (2005) (in German, English translation in progress). It is known that chronic nitrosative/oxidative stress damages the mitochondria, the powerhouses of each cell in the body. Mitochondropathy is at the root of many of todays chronic illnesses, such as MS, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Fibromyalgia Diabetes, Artherosclerosis and Obesity. Kuklinsli, http://www.kpuberlin.de/For_Neu_Kuklinski_1_en.html (2004). Even more disturbingly, when chronic nitrosative and oxidative stress is present, irreversible mitochondrial DNA damage will occur sooner or later (see also Kuklinski, http://www.kpu-berlin.de/For_Neu_Kuklinski_1_en.html (2004)). The mitochondrial DNA is ten times more susceptible to nitrosative / oxidative stress than the DNA in the cell nucleus. Whilst regular cell DNA has in-built repair mechanisms, mitochondrial DNA is irreparable due to its low histone protein content. The mitochondropathy is therefore irreversibly transmitted to the children by the maternal egg cell causing cumulative irreparable damage to future generations.

No matter the level of radiation in the room, there is no safety level for microwave radiation for children.

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