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My Samsung Refrigerator Was Radiating My Family!

Posted by Shaun Kranish "The EMF Explorer" on 3/11/2015 to The EMF Explorer
 My Samsung Refrigerator was Radiating My Family! (video below)
Original Article By Shaun Kranish, the EMF Explorer
I've been a big fan of Samsung.  We have a number of Samsung appliances and other devices - and have never had issues (until now).  They seem to make high quality devices which are reliable as well.  However, the other day I realized our new refrigerator was putting out RF radiation constantly!!!
You see, so many new appliances have WiFi or "Smart" capability inside them - active straight from the factory - and will fill your entire house with RF radiation pulses constantly - 24/7 - starting the moment you give them electricity.  ZigBee is the trade name for some of this technology - the "Internet of things" - and the idea that everything including our fridge needs to be monitored and controlled remotely via a wireless network.  Crazy.  As I told Samsung - I just want it to keep my food cool.
I measured before, but assumed what I was hearing was coming from outside.  Boy, was I wrong!  I should have double-checked when measuring by taking a baseline reading (with the refrigerator off) and then with it on, because that would have caught it for sure.
My mistake, and I am sharing it with you so you don't make the same one.  The easiest way to test ANY device you suspect could be emitting is to shut it off - disconnect the power completely (and if it has batteries those too - but most things don't) - read with your meter, paying close attention to what is in the background, then turn the device on and wait patiently to see if anything new is added.
A meter with sound like the HF35C or Acoustimeter or Acousticom 2 is vital.  Different devices have different signals, which sound completely different on the meters with sound. See the video of my fridge radiating below.
watch video
Samsung Customer Disservice
Original Article By Shaun Kranish, the EMF Explorer
I called Samsung, asked to speak with someone with technical knowledge so they could tell me if the wireless signal could be disabled.  Samsung tried to deny the fridge was putting anything out, saying that if I didn't configure it and hook it up to a WiFi router (I don't have one, of course) it wasn't putting anything out.  Completely false - it was constantly sending out beacons trying to connect to a "smart meter." This isn't theoretical, it's measurable verifiable fact - I used multiple instruments even.
In total I think I talked to 8 people over 2-3 days. No one could help me, they just denied, were confused, gave me the run-around, and we got no where. In the end they told me the unit was functioning fine and according to specs, despite the fact it is emitting RF radiation classified as a Class 2B Possible Carcinogen by the World Health Organization, also confirmed to increase tumors (even at very low RF transmission levels) in mice in a very important recent study.
The last "executive customer care" representative I spoke with was actually laughing at me under her breath, insulting and humiliating me like I'm crazy or irrational.  I was at a low point, but I told them that's fine, even though they wouldn't just let me quickly ask a simple question of someone in a technical department, I would figure it out myself.  AND I DID...
I'm going to make a very quick follow up video and show you how completely disabled this model's wireless transmitter - it was so simple!  No more radiation.  Look for a new update in a couple days!
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