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Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin: Many thanks go out to all those who supported Prairie du Sac residents in an attempt to prevent a Verizon cell tower from being installed on the Sauk Prairie High School athletic field.

Legislative restraints have made it nearly impossible for “the little guy” to triumph over large corporations with inexhaustible resources. However, the lawsuit initiated by local residents was never about winning; it was about doing the right thing to keep our children and our neighborhood safe. And it was about raising awareness of the issues we faced so other communities do not make the same mistake we believe our school officials and village board members did.

It is most unfortunate that our school administrators and board members agreed to sign a contract with Verizon without informing and consulting the people they serve. It is disheartening too, knowing village board members disregarded the strong and sufficient studies and evidence which were presented to them, and felt they had no other choice but to capitulate to this large corporation due to a recently-passed state law.

I commend anyone on these boards who stood up and did what was right for the children and the community by trying to prevent the location of the cell tower on school property. No doubt, they too believe cell towers do not belong on school grounds.

We’re asking people living within 1,500 feet of the newly installed cell tower, as well as students and staff at the high school and middle school, to start paying attention to and taking note of any new health problems that they may experience in the coming months and years now that this cell tower will soon be emitting electromagnetic radiation constantly.

There is strong scientific evidence that people residing close to cell towers experience an increase of headaches, sleep disorders, memory loss, increased heart rates, lower sperm counts, miscarriages, impaired nervous systems, cancer, and other both short- and long-term health issues. When we lose our health, sometimes no amount of money can save it.

As our world becomes more and more technologically advanced, we cannot continue to bury our heads in the sand, deny strong evidence of health-damaging effects and chalk it up to “progress.” Cancer is becoming more alarmingly prevalent. Childhood diseases are on the rise. People of all ages are now experiencing immune system deficiencies and attention deficit disorders. If the radiation we’re being bombarded with is one of the major causes, now is the time to pay close attention and start taking action.
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