At the recent European Utility Week, Itron provided a demonstration of its new OpenWay Riva ‘smart’ meter.

SkyVision Solutions has several concerns with this new ‘smart’ meter.  First, the Itron representative made mention that the new meter polls data once per second.  The frequency of this data collection would enable the ultimate in consumer privacy invasions in that the more frequent the data collection, the more precise one can analyze exactly what is going on inside the home.  Here are some selected quotes from the video provided below:

“This is not your grandmother’s smart meter.”

“We’re working on 1-second data. … Forget the 15-minute polling.  … 15 minutes or an hour is an eternity from an electrical perspective.”

“When 15 years ago [utilities] moved from electromechanical meters to electronic meters, they thought that was a revolution.  But this is 10-times that.”

“These [meters] are really moving away from being billing devices to being intelligent devices, … intelligent devices that one of the things they do is … billing.”

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