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MEMPHIS, TN -(WMC-TV) - The president of MLGW says there is no fee if you do not want a smart meter in your home, but dozens of customers received letters from the utility announcing a fee.

Some 60,000 smart meters will replace 170 MLGW meter readers in the coming years. Customers are worried they are being forced to pay for that.

The smart meter opt out battle got testy at Memphis City Hall Tuesday.

"They say there's not opt-out fee, but I have yet to see that in writing," said concerned customer Yvonne Burton.

MLGW president Jerry Collins said there is not a fee of any kind in response to the rumors of a fee for those who decline smart meters in their homes.

Collins continued to describe the accusations as unfounded Wednesday, labeling them as fictitious problems.

But MLGW customers received letters from the utility company that said:

"If you have questions or wish to consider declining the meter installation (which will require a special trip meter reading fee), please contact our Customer Care Center."

Collins said the letter was sent out last June.

"Certainly last June, we were considering a trip meter reading fee," he said.

It seems the situation changed, but customers were not informed.

"In August, the Memphis City Council approved purchase of the meters without such a fee," said Collins.

Collins says customers who will get a smart meter will receive a letter about it. At that point, they can call MLGW to opt out.
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