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Personal Phone Consulting with Shaun Kranish - Owner of ElectraHealth.com

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Personal Phone Consulting with Shaun Kranish - Owner of ElectraHealth.com
Personal Phone Consulting with Shaun Kranish - Owner of ElectraHealth.com
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You've heard about EMF, radiation, and you want to improve your environment.  You're ready to do something about it, but there is just way too much information out there on the Internet.  A lot of that information is conflicting. Who should you believe?  While the natural health gurus and even doctors mean well and have good information at times - wouldn't you rather have professional guidance from people who have dedicated their lives to specialize in this field?  Cut through the jungle of information and misinformation, and get the answers to your questions right now.  

Don't buy the wrong equipment, waste money on the wrong products, and waste your time and stress over this.  We keep the price of our products low at ElectraHealth for everyone, and for the do-it-yourself or self-research people.  But when you need answers, we offer the expert advice you need for a low fee.  You'll get your answers fast - we want to make the most of your time!

Professional phone consultation with Shaun Kranish, 'The EMF Explorer," - owner of ElectraHealth.com.  Price is per 30 minutes.  30 minute minimum (qty 1 when you order).  Extra time is billed per minute at the same rate of $2.33 per minute.

What you can expect: Attentive listening to your concerns and situation, deep empathy and inspired feedback, thorough and detailed questions about your home/work environment, careful analysis of your situation and detailed recommendations made over the phone with a copy emailed or faxed to you at the end of the call, and personal guiding throughout your journey.  

Extra time can be purchased and Shaun will follow-up with you at scheduled times to check on your progress.

About Shaun Kranish:
  • EMF measurement and remediation since 2008
  • Mentored personally by Dave Stetzer since 2008
  • Registered electrical contractor in Illinois 2017
  • International Institute of Building Biology (IBE) Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS)
  • Director of Online Membership for International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology (IBE)
  • IBE 204.3 Electromagnetic certification completed
  • IBE 212 Electromagnetic certification completed
  • IBE 312 Advanced Electromagnetic radiation certification completed
  • Former IT consultant
  • Inventor and product-developer of numerous EMF/EMR products
  • Has inspected and remediated countless homes and businesses since 2008
  • Continues education and collaboration with leaders in EMF inspection all over North America
Mr. Kranish was interested in electricity at a very young age.  He began studying home wiring, experimenting, and wiring his parents house as a child.  He always seemed to understand circuitry and wiring.

At around 10 years of age, Shaun Kranish began working with computers and quickly developed a knack for them.  In a year or two he was repairing, building, and operating them fairly competently.  This developed into a business, and Shaun began working for clients while still in middle school.  He went on to own and operate multiple IT and web-related businesses.

Working in a large office building, Mr. Kranish realized he had become electrically sensitive in 2008.  More on that here.

After experiencing the benefits of the Stetzerizer Filters Shaun was led into the EMF field.  He began studying, researching, and mentoring under Mr. Dave Stetzer, as well as collaborating and sharing experience with other researchers and measurements experts in the field.  Mr. Kranish quickly became the leading distributor of Stetzerizer products, and has served thousands upon thousands of customers.  Shaun has personally spoken and worked with close to if not over 1,000 customers since 2008.

The avid truth-seeking and scientist side of Shaun has enabled him to learn not only from other experts and researchers but also from customers and other electrosensitive individuals.  Indeed, this has given Shaun some of his most valuable information and experience.

Book Shaun Kranish today, and you will not regret it.  Leave a review here on this product page when you are finished to let others know how it went :)
Customer Reviews
Rating Highly recommend phone consultation w/ Shaun Kranish
My phone consult with Shaun was incredibly helpful. I am having a negative reaction to a SmartTV and Shaun really helped me to rule out what about the SmartTV could be bothering me and what might be the culprit(s). Shaun is extremely knowledgable about household current, as well as Wifi (we figured out that the TV is emitting Wifi, despite that fact that my tech-saavy husband thought that he had turned it off) and other kinds of electrical frequencies. Shaun really worked hard to help me come up with a solution and it is obvious that he genuinely cares about helping people with electrical sensitivity. In addition to the TV, Shaun advised me as to what else to be aware of in my environment and, more importantly, how to remedy any negative situations. I strongly recommend consulting with Shaun for anyone who has questions about what may be causing symptoms of electrical sensitivity and is looking for what to do about them. If I could give Shaun 6 stars out of 5, I would!
  Did you find this helpful?    36 of 38 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Bay Area, California. - 3/5/2015
Rating Great Phone Consultation, Highly Recommend
I had a great phone consultation with Shaun, Shaun provided lots of helpful information regarding reducing dirty electricity and shielding harmful radio frequency. Our utility company recently installed a smart meter on our house, it is constantly generating radio frequency every few seconds, working with utility company to get rid of it is not easy. Shaun also advised me many other things to check for dirty electricity and radio frequency in the house including dimmer switch, energy saving light bulb, appliances, Wifi and etc, and how to fix those. Shaun is extremely knowledgable on these matters, and he is also very compassionate and really cares about people who are looking for help.
  Did you find this helpful?    17 of 19 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Virginia. - 4/17/2015
Rating Ms
If you are on this website, do not hesitate to schedule a phone consultation with Shaun ASAP, you will be very glad you did. My house is a complicated City job and Shaun was the only one qualified to handle it. The first night after he made changes to my WIFI router system we all slept better. He has made more changes to my home and the home just feels happier and we all sleep better. This is a tremendous value, I cannot recommend him enough. Joan
  Did you find this helpful?    16 of 17 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Chicago. - 3/21/2019
Rating Excellent
Shaun is very knowledgeable and quick to solve problems. In 20 minutes, he was able to advise me how to fix my wifi problem. He has developed safe, low or no EMF or RF wires and kits. I highly recommend his services.
  Did you find this helpful?    3 of 4 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from North Carolina. - 12/24/2020
Questions and Answers
Q: I have a smart meter in my home? How can I get it removed? (can phone consulting help with this problem?)
Asked by: jc - 7/12/2016 (Submit an answer)
A: Over the years I have discussed with many people the different strstegies and options for removing or getting smart meters removed. I can share experiences other people had, what to do, and what not to do.
Was this answer helpful?    9 of 13 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  SHAUN KRANISH (4/16/2019)
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