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Due to the amount of time and money invested to gain the knowledge and expertise in this field and the need to support a family and meet financial goals to that end, Shaun Kranish and other very select and qualified team members at ElectraHealth.com charge for phone consultations and tech support. Once a customer signs up for phone consulting or tech support and pays the initial fee, the customer is at once a client. All conversations thereafter are recorded for the client's personal use, but may not be shared with any other person, may not be published, nor made public, without express written permission by Shaun Kranish. Client agrees to pay immediately by credit card, debit card, or PayPal, upon the ending of each phone call.

Topics discussed are wide-ranging and may cover products, advice, personal experience, and much more. All time incurs charges - no matter what topic is discussed. The client may terminate the ongoing incurring charges at any time by expressly saying so on the phone, or by disconnecting the call. A temporary hold on the credit card may be placed prior to the phone call, and then reversed after, at which time actual used time will be charged.

The client will receive a .wav or .mp3 file with the full recording of the phone call.