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PxDNA Personal/Residential Parallel Filter

Part Number PxDNA
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PxDNA Personal/Residential Parallel Filter
PxDNA Personal/Residential Parallel Filter
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Modular Product The architecture of the PxDNA is that it can be deployed in a modular fashion. If a single PxDNA does not provide sufficient reduction of noise power, more units can be plugged into the same circuit.

Portable This PxDNA architecture is also portable. It allows you to change your “installation” easily, throughout the day, if you like. You can have a PxDNA in the office during the work day, bring it home and plug it in the living room in the early evening, and plug it into an outlet in the bedroom at night.

The DNA Products

Please read the paragraphs that follow the chart (below) to help you pick the DNA model that works for you.


Model NumberApplication
Applied 50/60 Hz Voltage (VAC)Noise Power Dissipation Max. (watts)Estimated Attenuation
MxDNA2500Industrial, High Noise Voltages120 or 24012012 db (Removed 93.7%)
MxDNA1250Industrial, Medium Noise Voltages120 or 24012017db (Removed 98.0%)
RxDNA1000Residential, Moderate Noise Voltages120 or 2406018 db (Removed 98.4%)
NEWPxDNA1000Personal Residential, Moderate Noise Voltages120/2401018 db (Removed 98.4%)

How To Select A DNA Model – An Analogy

Imagine that we have two water filters. One is designed for the home and one is designed for a major hotel. Both of these filters are designed to remove 90% of the contaminants.

The difference is that the hotel filter can handle a much larger volume of water as it is removing 90% of the contaminants.

In a similar way, all the DNA products remove approximately the same percent of dirty electricity, but the total volume of dirty electricity that any unit can handle is different.

The MxDNA handles the largest amount of dirty electricity and would probably be used mostly for industrial settings.

The RxDNA handles a medium amount of dirty electricity and would probably find its application in a commercial setting or a residential setting that might be in an industrial area of a city.

The PxDNA handles the smallest amount of dirty electricity and was designed for the residential market.

All DNA models have a self-protection mechanism, if it happens that you are subjecting that DNA model to an amount of dirty electricity that is too much (for that model).

The MxDNA and RxDNA have a mechanical circuit breaker that will disconnect that model from the AC line if there is too much dirty electricity applied to it. That circuit breaker is reset by pressing the reset button on the circuit breaker (on the DNA chassis).

The PxDNA has an electronic breaker. It is reset by unplugging the DNA unit from the AC line (the AC outlet) for 5 minutes then plugging it back in.

Please follow the links at the top of this page to see the various DNA products.


The PxDNA Brochure and the PxDNA Installation and Usage Manual can be downloaded.  Please visit our Downloads Page. Just click the DownLoads link in the link bar at the top of this page.

Questions and Answers
Q: Does this unit protect the whole home (all circuits), or just the single circuit that it is plugged into? thank you!
Asked by: JC - 12/30/2018 (Submit an answer)
A: This filter is similar to other filters which need to be spread out throughout the house in order to really get the readings down and offer protection. It is not a whole-house filter. It is more accurately described as a room filter, but should be installed and tested to see how the results are.
Was this answer helpful?    7 of 7 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  SHAUN KRANISH (1/13/2019)
Q: Is there an average number of DNAPX filters a 1600ft2 house with no WIFI, no smart meters, microwave oven unplugged, all blue teeth disabled, cell phones tuerned off, everything unplugged, non industrial area could need? We're getting 1985 milleV on our Alpha Labs EMI Power Line meter in the afternoons.
Asked by: Amazed - 5/7/2019 (Submit an answer)
No Answers have been submitted yet.
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