Results from our Stetzerizer Filter Survey
By Shaun Kranish
One of our goals at ElectraHealth is to conduct surveys to try to gain information that can help those like us who live with electrohypersensitivity (EHS) or are otherwise sensitive to electronics, wireless, and electricity.  I began this company because of my own sensitivity, and I am committed to learning as much as I can and sharing that information freely.  I am always interested in the truth, and I only carry or sell products that I use myself, that seem to work, and these products usually measurably reduce exposure - that's why they work.
I like to know the real scoop on products - the good, bad, or ugly.  Likewise, I like to inform our customers of the same.  We don't like to hype things up, and everything we sell isn't the best thing since sliced bread.  That's why we love to get feedback and reviews from our customers.  We also partner with other groups, individuals, and websites dedicated to understanding the health effects of man-made electromagnetic radiation.  That's why we will continue to do surveys as scientifically as possible and share those results, like the one below.  We would never intentionally introduce any bias into a survey, nor would we alter the results, or hold back results or surveys.  In fact, I am as interested as you in the results.  My motivation is to help people like me.  We're not interested in building a business or selling products that aren't the real deal.
Our biggest product, our main product, and how I discovered I was electrosensitive in the beginning is the Stetzerizer (sometimes called Graham Stetzer) Filters.  These have been researched a great deal, published in peer-reviewed publications, and have helped many people, including myself.  I've been selling these since 2008.  I was very interested to see the following results:

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