Nadav Neuhaus, the director and the photographer started working on the movie about 2.5 years ago. When I got sick, about 4.5 years ago, I contacted  Nadav who is an accomplished international Photo-Journalist and also a childhood friend. I called him and told him what happened to me and we had a long conversation. I was sad & disappointed as it sounded as if he does not believe me. I could not understand how a person who knows me so well for so many years is doubting me. 

A year later he called me and said he wants to make a movie about it. He came over and when I proved to him that I can detect radiation even from a plane as I feel the radar, although it is 6 miles away, he had Goosebumps and did not doubt me anymore. 

At the time when Nadav contacted me, I needed to find a house and Nadav spent hundreds of hours filming while I was trying to find 1 house in which I can finally sleep and live without tormenting pains from wireless which include severe and incapacitating headaches, inability to think and speak, heart palpitations and others. From 500 houses that I checked, only 1 was such that I could tolerate. 

In the movie you can see that I'm fat, this also caused by the radiation. Because of the wireless and the stress the body was going through, it just stopped functioning including the digestive system. Some people lose a lot of weight, other gain it. This is what wireless does to our body - it makes it stop working completely - the brain and various cognitive functions, the cardiac immune and digestive systems etc. It all just stop working!

When Nadav asked me to provide him with names of scientists who are familiar with the condition, I contacted many scientists and it was disturbing that no one except for Prof. Carpenter agreed to speak. Many were ignorant about the condition and others who are convinced in its existence refused  to participate as they were afraid it will adversely affect their academic positions. Devra Davis also refused to be interviewed and her excuse was that "the public is not ready to hear about EHS"...

Thank you Nadav for your hard work and determination to bring this issue to the public attention. 
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