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It is shameful to see what has been created with governments allowing the the mass deployment of wireless smart meters. Anyone ever get an electrical shock before? How long did you want the shock to last?

Working with electricity at any level is very dangerous and the reason electrical professionals have to meet or exceed government and industry standards to work on the electricity utilities generate.

The mass installation of smart meters was done by contractors and any electricians that participated in swapping meters under load are liable. Under no circumstances can electrical systems be compromised, it endangers homeowners. There are many types of electrical work and that includes electrical maintenance. I would NEVER just swap meters on a meter base that has 8 connections that haven’t been maintained for years or decades. The base is fragile and dangerous with connection problems and brittle components from load cycling.

Even shutting off the homeowner’s electrical panel and pulling the meter will leave the meter base (top) 4 connections hot. The electrician that should be representing home owner’s meter base property would tell the utility to disconnect power at the pole. Then the utility’s meter that is attached to the homeowner’s meter base can be pulled. Electricians would then inspect the meter base and connections. The connections would be cleaned and tightened unless replacing the meter base was required. The electrical integrity of the electrical systems from from distribution to utilization has to be maintained.

One of the reasons governments were warned about wireless smart meters by government certified electrical professionals was because of the real liabilities. That is our area of expertise and over 35 years has saved industries, insurers and governments 100s of billions of dollars plus lives. Infrared is used industrially around the world with the biggest majority of electrical problems being loose or corroded connections.

When the Canadian BC Legislature allowed BC Hydro to bypass all regulatory process to install meters and the grid, they created serious problems. Meters bases have never been maintained and they are an electrical time bomb when unqualified contractors swap them under electrical load. When Governments allow regulation to be bypassed, errors compound because no one knows what they have done.

As a result of fires associated with smart meter installation the meter is blamed so the Saskatchewan Government as one example wants a safe meter. What they do not understand or represent in investigation is the meters base components never maintained causing the meter to fail.

Yesterday there was another fire in BC where media and the fire department reported the smart meter exploding. The meter base and connections are the first part of the investigation where right now they are focusing on the exploding meter.

There is NO meter or device that will withstand a reckless and negligent installation. FortisBC mass installing meters has created problem on every building. Here is news and a letter to the City of Kelowna which includes accurate Thermal Imaging of connection problems in FortisBC’s area.

FortisBC’s application for wireless needs to be reversed immediately as does BC Hydro’s smart meter program in BC. The smart meter program is illegal across Canada because of the Building Code Violation. No code compliance means no real estate sales, no occupancy, no insurance, no economy, no taxes. Compliance with Building Code is a requirement.
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