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(NaturalNews) EMFs are very difficult to avoid in the modern world. Aside from living on a power-free island, they are going to find us, and we need to do our best to negate the harmful consequences. However, there are some places that are much worse than others that contribute the most to our EMF load due to the frequency and intensity of EMFs at each of these locations.

There are three places that pose the most problems due to consistent exposure and concentration, and one should do whatever they can to avoid them or use EMF-neutralizing technology to offset their effects.

Corporate office
One of the most heavily polluted areas for EMFs is the corporate office. Squished into tiny cubicles on a single floor that are packed with computers, landlines, cell phones, laptops, office equipment, and Wi-Fi, this is EMF central. To make it even worse, large screen TVs and projectors get put into conference rooms, where everyone participating often has a cell phone and laptop in close proximity.

Keep in mind that the generally accepted measurement of when EMFs become dangerous is 1 milligauss (mG). Many laptops shoot off 2-3 mG 12 inches from the screen, and cell phones project 2-3 mG up to half an inch away. Any continuous typing and talking ends up being a serious health threat, in an area already being flooded with EMFs.

Driver and passenger sides of the vehicle
One place where many people spend time in on a daily basis is the car. Whether it's commuting, driving the kids around or getting groceries, we all tend to spend a few hours in a car each day.

The problem with the car is that you are in a small space that emits EMFs from the dash due to all the electrical components behind it. This author measured the amount of EMFs present while sitting in the driver's and passenger's seats, and, surprisingly, it measured 2-3 mG from each! Turns out, the back seat is the better place to be, at under 1 mG.

We have become a very mobile society due to the popularization of air travel. What could previously take us days and even weeks to reach a destination can now take a few hours. This trend has certainly allowed us to enjoy more of our vacations, but the time spent in airports and airplanes has left an impact on our body.

To begin to understand the EMF exposure that one deals with on an airplane, consider these EMF-generating sources:
  • Radar from the ground, as well as the plane and other planes
  • The jet engine
  • Cockpit computers
  • Electronic sensors
  • Communications equipment
  • Electrical wiring throughout the cabin
  • High levels of static electricity generated in the fuselage
  • Wi-Fi signals
If this isn't enough, flight passengers are equipped with cell phones and laptop computers!

Random measurements taken inside planes inflight reveal dangerous radiation, sometimes exceeding 50 milligauss (mG). Compare that to the amount that the EPA deems safe, which is 0.5 to 2.5 mG! That's 20-100 times the "safe" exposure! A 3.5-hour flight at altitudes of 30,000 feet or higher can expose someone to a greater level of radiation than a chest X-ray!

If that is not harmful enough, take into account that the proximity and interaction with the earth's surface helps determine our protection from EMFs. The further we get away from it, the less protection we receive. Flying at 30,000 feet obliterates that protection and severely interrupts our natural synchronicity with the earth's healing negative energy field.

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