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Tin foil hats are usually worn by conspiracy theorists who strongly believe the government is reading their minds.

But a new startup has designed a hipper version that claims to be able to protect millennials from unhealthy electromagnetic fields such as Wi-Fi and cell phone signals.

Shield Headwear is launching a trendy line of beanies and snapbacks to defend our brains from harmful radiation.

'The alarming statistics surround cell phone emissions have prompted Shield Headwear founders to investigate methods of protecting society from these inevitable dangers,' according to the firm. 

'Studies show that cellular radiation and Wi-Fi emissions are responsible for cell mutations and growth leading to terribly medically complications.'

Shield Headwear is running a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $19,628.

As of right now, it has attracted 235 backers who have pledged a total of $17,218.

Each hat is design with a special signal proof fabric, which is the key to keeping those harmful waves a bay.

The company claims the hats reflect signals from cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, microwaves and blocks a majority of waves transmitted from electric devices.

But as it reads on the Kickstarter campaign, 'It's not blocking for 100%, but better than nothing'.

Sticking with the tin foil hat theme, hats are available in light gray, dark gray white and black and they come in all sizes from newborn to adult.

The fabric is antimicrobial, antiodor, washable and was originally produced for military purposes.

The headwear is also radar and infra-red invisible, as it's designed with an electric field shielding, radiofrequency shielding and microwave shielding.

Shield Headwear is seeking funds to move into production, improve existing technology and design new apparel.

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