The Return to Analog Utility Meters
By Shaun Kranish,
September 12, 2014
There have been some encouraging developments with electric utility meters lately.  Due to dozens and dozens (could the actual number really be in the hundreds?  It wouldn't surprise me) of house fires, with at least one if not more resulting in the death of the homeowner, smart meters are coming off in various places!
Some recent articles on this:
There are likely more articles, but this is what we've come up with so far :)  Now is a good time, especially if you live in one of these areas and have a smart meter, to take action and get an analog put back on!
1) First and foremost, the single most effective strategy to bring back analog meters is to absolutely and positively refuse to have one. 
  • If you still have your analog meter, I suggest you lock it up right now.  To start you could simply buy a cut-resistant heavy duty lock and snap that onto your box/meter to prevent a quick change by the power company.
  • I would take it a step further and do something like have a welder weld a heavy duty lock bracket onto your box and install a hidden-shackle (cutproof) lock.  Or you could attach metal bars to the house in such a way that the power company can still read your meter (they always need to be able to read it - obviously) but in no way could they remove it without you unlocking the bar/cage.
  • These methods work - and I have employed them personally.
  • If you already have a meter, now is the time to get that thing off.  You can't complain when there are options you haven't exhausted yet.
  • I have uploaded and made available free some legal documents/notices that were shared with me.  The authors worked hard on these and deserve thanks - Jerry Day for one - these documents have worked and are effective, but require your resolve and dedication - your steadfast determination to get an analog meter back and accept nothing less.
  • Even if you still have your analog meter - it's good to send these in and put them on legal notice that you do NOT give consent to your private activities being recorded and transmitted, nor to being irradiated by radiofrequency emitters or switch mode power supplies (dirty electricity).  It's very important to have a completely analog, completely electromechanical clean meter.
  • If you need a clean, trustworthy analog electric utility meter, we have them ready to ship today.  Very inexpensive - $47.95 INCLUDING FREE 2-3 DAY SHIPPING!  These are guaranteed to be accurate - exceeding industry standards - we've sold a good number of them and have never had a single issue.

2) Don't be bullied - don't forget that YOU are the customer and YOU are right.
  • Monopolistic power companies have tried to invert the customer/provider relationship.  You are the customer and your needs and wants must be fulfilled.  You drive the market forces, and you dictate the terms.  Not the other way around.
  • Point this out, all the time and every time.
  • When you buy groceries, do you let the store clerks tell you which ones you HAVE to get?  When you buy a car, do you let the salesman pick it for you and threaten you if you don't want it?  When you hire a contractor to work on your home, does he tell you that the way he wants to do it is the only way, what it will cost, and if you try to refuse he will sabotage your house?  Would you like it if all the gas stations wanted to implant your car with computers that tell them when you drive, where you drive, how fast, what you listen to, when you talk on the phone, and where your car is all the time?  They need to simply pump gas, as they always have.  Would you like it if any other business that you've been a customer of for so long all of a sudden tried to strong arm you into products and services that you don't want, never asked for, and even went so far as to threaten to dump you as a customer?!  Would you put up with this from anyone else?
  • Are you being taken advantage of and sold down the river because they think you have no choice?
  • Is this a healthy relationship, and will you let them get away with it?'
  • If we let the power company get away with this, will other companies try the same?  Water, gas, phone, cable, etc?
3) You're not alone - especially when you band together with people in your local area.-- I have seen power companies try to make smart meter holdouts seem as though they are alone and marginalize them.
  • The truth is there are probably hundreds of thousands if not millions of people who know they do not want smart meters.
  • You are NOT alone.
  • Trying to stand alone against the power company can be difficult though, so I highly recommend you get a group of people together in your local area.  Take care of yourself first - get that thing off, "opt out" and pay the fee if you have to, send the legal notices in, replace the meter yourself with an analog - whatever you have to do.
  • But get a group together and get others to do the same.  Make a solemn commitment to one another that if they pick on one, they pick on all.  Keep growing your group.  People who believe in individual freedom of choice, privacy, dignity, and health.  Find out what is important to someone, and then show them how having a smart meter will affect that - what they can relate to.
  • Shutting the power off to one person is easy - to 3 or 4, or a dozen or 2 dozen - that begins to get very hard.
4) Be the squeaky wheel - make a big stink - stand toe to toe
  • The squeaky wheel gets the grease - demand a safe analog electric meter and don't shut up until you have it (then lock it up so they can't renig later)
  • Are they threatening to shut off your power?  Let them know in no uncertain terms that you'll be taking out full page ads in the paper about this if they do.
  • Often times if they see you're willing to put up a fight, and they believe it, they will leave you alone and let you keep your analog meter
  • Bad PR for bullying and oppressive power companies is our friend.  The more bad public relations they get, the further we've advanced.  They're taking extra trips to the bank right now thanks to Smart Meters - hit them where it counts.  Make them try to counter the PR.
  • Expose the cockroaches to the light and watch them scatter.  Expose what they're doing with the light of the truth - there is no consumer demand for these meters - they are causing health problems - they invade privacy - they raise bills - consumers should always have a choice - power companies have an unfair monopoly and are abusing customers because of it.
  • -Don't be afraid to get personal and name names.  The "power company" isn't a person.  It isn't real.  People are real - corporations or groups are not.  Individual men and women are real.  They have names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses.  There's nothing wrong with letting the world know, on the Internet, when someone is bullying you.  Let that go down in history, let this mistake that the power company employees are making be known and follow them.  Maybe then they can learn from it.  History is a great lesson.
5) YOU have the advantage
  • Truth is on your side.
  • Countless people are on your side and are with you in this.
  • You have complete freedom and unlimited ways to get or keep your analog meter and help others do the same.
6) Make a conscious decision or choice right now - you will not stop until you have an analog meter and everyone knows you will not tolerate anything else.  Commit yourself to this, then others will do the same, and then this smart meter nightmare will end.
 I've written this message for many reasons.  The strongest reason is the number of customers I've spoken to who have suffered or are continuing to suffer because of digital electric meters - usually the "smart meters" that transmit wirelessly.  Although even the non-wireless digital meters have made our customers ill.  Some opted out of the wireless meter to be given a digital non-wireless and were just as ill or even more ill.
These meters are the #1 complaint we receive by far.  Nowhere near as many people complain about computers or cell phones or anything else.  Smart Meters we hear about again and again and again.  And it's not "I have the sniffles" - it is things like "I can't function anymore" - "I can't think anymore" - "I have ringing in my ears all the time" - "I feel like I'm dying" - "I don't know how long I can last."  These stories are powerful and true.  Often times the person did not even know that the meter was put on their home and found out much later after they had been ill for quite some time (the illness always starting after the meter was put on).
These stories are true, and the threat is real.  That's why I urge ALL of my customers with smart meters to remove them. I could be selling them more shielding material - but I don't like to do that.  You can buy shielding material at the hardware store or grocery store even (aluminum foil).  This can help temporarily, but why knowingly have such a dangerous and toxic device on your home?  The only real solution is removal and going back to an analog meter.  I want my customers to be safe and healthy - not receiving dirty electricity in all their wiring and still some RF as well (neighbors, etc).  I want to see consumers fight back and make a real change in this situation and do away with this terrible technology.
I'm tired of hearing about husbands, wives, mothers, sisters who have died because of these meters.  I'm tired of hearing about people who have become disabled or very sensitized to everything because of this.  I'm tired of hearing about house fires.  And frankly people are already reading all our emails, recording our phone calls, keeping track of our purchases, etc, let's NOT give up the privacy of what we do inside our homes.  So let's get rid of these meters, once and for all :)
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