This Is Not A Tree is one man's journey to understand the new grid of cell towers, and cell sites that have sprung up in the beginning of the 21st century. This Is Not A Tree questions the notion that cell phones in our pocket, up to our head, WiFi at home, work, schools, and cell towers all around us are perfectly safe. 

The filmmaker uses an Acoustimeter EMF detection meter to audibly and visually communicate the intensity and frequency pattern of electromagnetic frequencies that are encountered. In the film, he uses electromagnetic shielding paint to reduce EMF exposure inside an apartment that is just below a building-mounted cell site. 

While wireless technology is cool and certainly a valuable part of our lives this technology is relatively new. Even though we've been told it's all very safe by the government and the companies providing this technology for us, strict safety regulations are in place to minimize the RF and microwave exposure of telecom workers. The men and women who work on cellular towers know the dangers of overexposure. This begs the question, "What about the people who live right next to or below one of these towers?" or "What does it mean to be bombarded by WiFi from birth onward?" "Are there any biological effects?"

The purpose of this film is not to alarm or scare, but to open up a dialogue. Let's talk, America.

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