Note: This article is an excerpt from a PDF about a lecture that Barrie Trower gave to physicians in Ireland.
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In April 2013, a group of the world’s top scientists came to a conclusion called the Potenza Piceno Resolution during a conference in Italy.

The scientists issued the following conclusions:

• stricter safety standards for EMF needs to be adopted by governments and public health agencies because the existing ones are obsolete and they are not based on recent literature about biological effects.
• RF sources should be reduced as low as possible because at now it is not possible to establish a safe limit under which no biological effects can be observed.
• RF sources should be kept far from residential areas. For pulsed RF sources, such radars and Wi-Max antennas, the distance from the EMF source should be even greater because they cause more biologically effects than non pulsed signals.
• Wi-Fi should not be placed in schools and in public areas since they have characteristics of pulsed signals.
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