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Trifield TF2 Combo Meter - Magnetic, Electric, Radiofrequency by Alphalab

Part Number TF2meter
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Trifield TF2 Combo Meter - Magnetic, Electric, Radiofrequency by Alphalab
Trifield TF2 Combo Meter - Magnetic, Electric, Radiofrequency by Alphalab
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For decades people have relied on the Trifield meter to measure magnetic fields in their environments.  The TF2 is the latest version of the tried and trusted Trifield Meter.  The best feature of the meter is its triple-axis (3-axis) measurement of magnetic fields.  These fields are sometimes referred to as ELF fields - they originate from the use of electricity.  The flow of electrons through circuits creates fields around the circuits.  These fields then couple or connect to coils of wire, circuits, and particularly to our concern the human body.  The fields then cause a flow of electrons (induced current) in these objects and living organisms.

The human body also has magnetic components that react to magnetic fields.  Extensive research has been done and shown effects on health even at levels the power companies and electronic gadget manufacturers and their regulating counterparts would consider "low."  These effects are a major concern of leading scientists, so much so that hundreds of scientists from over 40 countries in the world have been urgently appealing for lower public exposure which will amount to greater protection for the public.

  • Detects three types of EMF pollution: AC magnetic, AC electric, and RF/microwave
  • Peak Hold feature captures fast pulses and holds them on the screen simplifying measurement of spikes
  • 3-axis AC magnetic field, 1-axis AC electric field, 1-axis RF
  • Fast indicator bar quickly shows hot spots, and adjustable backlight
  • Performs both standard AC readings and weighted (emphasizes high frequencies)
This is why we like the Trifield TF2 meter for measuring magnetic fields - it provides a very high level of accuracy and dependability comparable to much more expensive meters.  The ease of use is at the top as well - just turn the dial to magnetic and move the meter around anywhere in space.  It doesn't matter what direction the field is or how you hold the meter.  It will give you the measurements you need.

It also features electric field measurement which is very useful for optimizing sleep and work areas!  Electric fields are also biologically-active and are emitted by all energized wiring.  Even a standard extension cord plugged into the wall will emit electric fields when nothing is plugged into the cord.  All cords plugged in that are not shielded will emit high electric fields - cords that you did not buy here are almost always unshielded.  The electric field measurement is not as sensitive and useful as the magnetic, but it can still be very helpful so it is a huge bonus that it is included in this meter!

Also on the meter is radiofrequency measurement.  Like the electric field measurement, it has been greatly improved from previous versions of the Trifield meter.  It is not a replacement for a real RF meter, so we recommend picking up one of our other RF meters.  But once again it is a bonus that it is there and can be helpful for detecting sources of radiofrequency - usually in the microwave spectrum from things like cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, and other common wireless technology.

Great meter for starters and to have in your toolkit, particularly for it's incredible magnetic field measurement.


AC Magnetic

3-axis, true magnitude

Frequency Range
40 Hz 100 kHz

4% @ 50/60 Hz

Maximum Range
100.0 milligauss

Sensitivity (Resolution)
0.1 milligauss

AC Electric

1-axis, true magnitude

Frequency Range
40 Hz 100 KHz

5% @ 50/60 Hz

Maximum Range
1000 V/m

Sensitivity (Resolution)
1 V/m



Frequency Range
20 MHz 6 GHz

20% @ 1 GHz

Maximum Range
19.999 mW/m2

Sensitivity (Resolution)
0.001 mW/m2


9V alkaline battery with indicator

Battery Life Backlight Off
> 20 hrs

Battery Life Backlight On
> 12 hrs
Questions and Answers
Q: Where is this made?
Asked by: Kirstin - 1/26/2022 (Submit an answer)
No Answers have been submitted yet.
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