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Welcome to Planet Irth ... A Grim Fairy Tale

Posted by Bob on 3/11/2014 to Wireless
Original Source

by Dr. Magda Havas

Once upon a time, many, many years ago, creatures on planet Irth lived in harmony.  Life was good.  Slowly things began to change and it was called progress and almost everyone was excited.

Inventors discovered how to send information through the air without wires.
Initially it was sound, click-click-click, and then words and then pictures and soon everyone on planet Irth was connected all the time.  Life was good.  Irthlings were happy.

Then something unexpected happened, a few creatures on planet Irth began to get ill.  They had headaches and were tired.  Some couldn't sleep at night.  Others had difficulty thinking and remembering.  Some became depressed or anxious.  Others were nauseous or dizzy.  They called themselves “Sensitives”.  They were an evolved race of beings who had come to warn Irthlings about ‘electrosmogitis’, a disease you get when you live in an electrosmog community.

It seems that the inventions that allowed Irthlings to communicate used antennas to send out invisible rays that were making Sensitives ill.  The Sensitives tried to warn the Irthlings but no one listened.  Irthlings enjoyed their toys and didn't want to give them up.  It was easier to think that “Sensitives” were imagining their problems.  Sensitives were ignored by their families and friends and by their doctors.  Some of them were unable to live in cities and moved to the country but the antennas-that generated these invisible rays-followed them.

Little did the Irthlings know that those antennas on hotels, on office and apartment buildings, on fire halls, on school property, at the end of their street and even in church steeples gave off invisible rays of light that entered their homes and flowed in and around their bodies.  These invisible rays were making them sick.  More and more Irthlings developed cancer, and diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.  Some had difficulty reproducing and, when they were successful, their children had behavioral problems that they treated with drugs.  Some of these children died of cancer . . . of the blood and the brain . . . and parents were unhappy.  But still, no one paid attention to the Sensitives.

Then along came some scientists and doctors who began to listen to Sensitives  and they learned all sorts of things.   When they tried to share this information  with their colleagues or with the medical profession or with the Global Health  Organization (GHO), they were laughed at.  Some gave up but a few persisted.  They did research, much of it unfunded.  They published papers that very few  people read.  They alerted the media but the media wanted to give ‘balanced’  reporting, such as “. . . some say it is harmful but others say it is safe . . .”   and this just confused everyone.  Can’t those darned scientists agree on anything!

In the meantime, schools began to install wireless computer networks and children, of all ages, had their own wireless phone and many used them all the time.  Homes also had wireless computers and smart meters and cordless phones and wireless games and special TVs and lights that also produced these invisible rays, and wireless alarm systems to protect all this expensive equipment.

Then the media began to report stories, such as “. . . three children in one kindergarten die of leukemia, many others sick . . . authorities deny this is a cancer cluster related to nearby antennas”; “. . . sharp increases in diabetes, autism, attention deficient disorder have experts baffled”; “ . . . sick building syndrome, blamed for allergies and asthma, may be linked to dirty electricity”.   Some people were overheard saying, “These are the same symptoms Sensitives are warning us about.  Perhaps we should listen to them.”

Parents, concerned about the health of their children and these invisible rays, asked schools to remove WiFi antennas and not to allow antennas on or near school property.  But they were laughed at and shunned as anti-progressive technophobes who want to return to the “dark” ages.

But . . . what if the Sensitives are right about electrosmogitis?  After all, Irthlings are beings of light and perhaps these invisible rays of light are affecting them.  Shouldn't they . . . we . . . at least listen?
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