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A few days ago I received this message from one of my readers:

“I've noticed on ElectricSense that people are requesting something to help them explain electrical sensitivity to others. At the request of my doctor, I put together a 2-page document (as he said, so it could be printed front and back). He’s already handing it out to others in his practice like me, and I've also shared it with friends and family who have found the explanations and format helpful. I do not have a website with which to share this more widely.

What I would like to do is to make this resource available to whoever would want to download and use it, as long as everyone was able to do this for free. Diane”

Below is an extract of the 2 page document that Diane has so kindly prepared:

“Electrical Sensitivity – Illness and Recovery

by Diane Craig (currently recovering from symptoms described as “an autoimmune response partly triggered by manmade EMFs”)

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are everywhere. Naturally-occurring EMFs make life on earth possible. People and animals have energy fields. Manmade EMFs at higher energy levels have increased rapidly.

Like other substances, EMFs are potential stressors that can affect us. The effects can be beneficial (as when EMFs can stimulate the healing of bones), or benign (not perceived), or harmful. EMF stressors can be 24/7 (for example, from pulsed smart meter transmissions), intermittent (for example, from cell phone use), or rare. Negative EMF health effects can range from minimal to profound. EMF health concerns are not new – eg, Robert O. Becker, MD’s book, The Body Electric, ©1985. Today, EMF health concerns are related to radio frequency radiation, dirty electricity, and magnetic fields. Overview:

I've uploaded the full document in PDF format so that you can download it, print it out and give it to your healthcare practitioner. Click here to download the full document.
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