Mandatory Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

Outernet: Beam free wi-fi to every person on earth from space

President Obama announces investments in wireless internet for schools

This is an emergency.
There are people that bust their butts on wireless and other community issues. They write, they go to meetings, they create community events, they speak out over and over again. They spend hours of their lives working on behalf of their community. Most do not get a dime.
Unless those who watch, who learn, who invest only minimal time and energy into these issues speak up and stand up, and are willing to sacrifice time and energy, we are toast. Unless we get other people involved from our family, from our friends and neighbors, were done for.
If you are sick, there are things you can do. You can call and call and call the President, congressional reps, local elected officials, local and national disability and civil rights groups, officials in other areas and let them know whats happening with you and the horrible impacts of this radiation, and ask them what they are doing to stop this. You can write letters to the editor, to the TV stations, to magazines, to religious organizations, to school boards and teachers, to your email lists.
Pick up a phonebook or a newspaper and start looking for names to write or call. Its simple.
Posters can be created, copied, and posted around town. Each person can do that. Keep it simple, but get it out there  its not difficult. Bumper stickers can be made. Grab a TV tray, a sign, and some flyers, and go set up in a pedestrian area or a farmers market, or outside a school or sporting event or community event, and talk to people. Make announcements and prayer requests in your religious community about this. Public meetings are so important. The possibilities are endless.
But take action.
Action has to happen, and it has to happen fast, because the industry and the government are ramping up the rollouts of everything wireless, and trying to get rid of all the rules, like in Santa Cruz County, like by the FCC, like by the school districts, like in Monterey.
How soon will it be before many will be too sick to do anything? Some people I've met have been close to suicide because the symptoms are so terrible - horrible pain, severe heart problems, confusion, inability to sleep, inability to think, feeling electrocuted, depression and fear, inability to be around any electricity.
How soon will it be before DNA is permanently and horribly damaged in very visible ways for all living beings?
It's up to everyone to do what they can, and to push the boundaries when things are critical.
Now is that time.
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