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Mission Statement
Written by our whole team on May 21, 2018

To continually advance healthier electricity and electronics with innovative and proven products, services, and information, empowering and engaging one another for a naturally healthy planet and people.

Going deeper into the above mission statement, we believe as humans our technology should be healthy for us and for our planet. We are all a family, sharing and caring for one another and the earth. We've let our love for technology put us out of balance. With your help we want to bring that balance back. Let's change the world together! Clean energy, not only how it's generated but how it's distributed and used, is needed now. Clean electronics and safer wireless technology are needed now. Be a part of the ElectraHealth tribe, and together we will continue to change the world faster and faster!

Why Shop with Us?
  • We are in our 16th year in business, with the simple practice of treating customers the way we ourselves like to be treated.
  • ElectraHealth is the only EMF store with customer reviews and has received over 1,500 real store and product reviews - the vast majority of them perfect 5 stars (See Here on ShopperApproved,Here on ResellerRatings, Here on Trustpilot, and also browse our products on our store to see product ratings).
  • Our website is the only EMF/EMR store that uses an Extended-Validation (EV) security certificate - the highest and most comprehensive security available.  This verifies ownership and existence and is the same type online banks and credit card companies use.
  • We have served many thousands of customers in this time, have encountered nearly every EMF-related problem out there, and we freely share and give this knowledge as best we can to help you with your specific situation.
  • We learn from our customers and also work with the best EMF remediation experts and researchers in the world.
  • Since June 2019, we have been donating a portion of all sales (not just profit) each month to charity - The Building Biology Institute (BBI). BBI is a great institution with wonderful staff and volunteers from around the world who are advancing healthy and sustainable environments - buildings, communities and in turn a healthy planet.


ElectraHealth.com and Stetzerizer-US.com (one in the same website) was started in 2008 by Shaun Kranish - "The EMF Explorer", a business owner and IT professional near Rockford, Illinois - not too far from Chicago. It was in 2008 that Shaun realized he was sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. Having his office located in EIGERlab, a large building shared by many companies, and situated in a large manufacturing complex, Shaun was experiencing extreme fatigue on a regular basis. In his early 20s at the time, and otherwise healthy, Mr. Kranish would become so tired at work that he felt as though he must lie down on the floor.

Shaun mentioned these symptoms to his friend on the phone, and this conversation led to discoveries and venturing into a much larger and fascinating world - electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) or more simply put - electric health. Shaun's friend had been using the Stetzerizer filter products for a while - after being referred by his medical doctor - and so he recommended that Shaun try them. Shaun ordered the meter and a box of filters, took readings in his office and found 1650 GS units. After installing the filters on each circuit and bringing it down to 65 GS units, Shaun's fatigue went completely away and never returned.

Shaun Kranish had always intuitively suspected the electromagnetic fields from wiring and appliances had an effect on health, but he'd never looked into it or researched at all until his life-changing experience with the Stetzerizer products. Through speaking with Dave Stetzer, the developer of Stetzerizer filters, customers, and other EMF experts, Shaun realized the enormity of the issue of electromagnetic health and began on a journey that would change his life and occupation forever. This is how Shaun Kranish become The EMF Explorer.

Since then, Shaun has worked closely with experts from around the country and world. Starting with Dave Stetzer in Wisconsin, and then with EMF consultants, building biologists, doctors, scientists, and self-taught researchers, Shaun has networked and stayed in the middle of the latest advancements in EMF/EMR reduction techniques and products.

Shaun is the lead researcher, building biologist, and product developer for ElectraHealth. He maintains an active practice for EMF/EMR consulting for both commercial and residential, and serves clients all over the United States. He trains other EMF/EMR consultants both 1-on-1 and as a volunteer instructor at the Building Biology Institute a 501(c)3 charity which Shaun passionately supports and promotes and to which he also volunteers and donates regularly. Shaun was appointed to a volunteer staff position in 2017.

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Thanks for shopping with us!

The EMF Explorer's Philosophy and Ethics

As owner of this website and business, I'd like to share a little of my personal philosophy, because I feel that values or principles are the most important guiding force a company can have. The choices and decisions that I and the ElectraHealth team make on a daily basis are guided by these principles.

The single most important principle we do our best to follow is "the golden rule." Treating others as we would ourselves like to be treated helps us provide the best service possible to our customers.

I like to be as fully informed as possible about a product before I buy. I don't like hype - I want honest answers to my question. I'd rather someone tell me they don't know the answer than to make one up.

I am a truth seeker and explorer. I want to learn as much as I possibly can about electromagnetic health and freely share this information with everyone. There are a small number of products that I believe can help us be healthier, and a very large number of products than either have no effect or could even make things worse. For this reason, we are very choosy when it comes to carrying products. Profit margin or saleability are not in the equation when we are deciding if a product is worthy to be in our catalog or not. The number one requirement is this: the product must be something that I use and trust in myself for my family.

Over the years I've learned a great deal from our customers by listening to their experiences, their symptoms, what works for them and what does not. I feel as though each customer is a member of my own family, and I want to see them relieved of suffering and restored to the best health possible.

I hope that we may journey together, learn what we can, share it with others, help others to live safely with technology, and raise the level of human awareness and consciousness when it comes to living naturally and thriving together on this planet. I absolutely love to be in this field, an am humbled to have this opportunity to interact with so many wonderful people. Thank you for reading this. Have a peaceful and fulfilling day, and know that you're not alone - many are working together on these matters.


Shaun A. Kranish

Our green commitmentOur Green Commitments

Our commitment to reduce, re-use, and recycle is part of our core beliefs of sustainability and stewardship of the environment. We feel proud to practice these beliefs daily.

Re-use materials

Over the years, we have shipped thousands upon thousands of orders. Re-use is the best form of recycling, and for years we used 100% re-used boxes. Since then, we continue to use re-used boxes, but also use Priority Mail boxes from the postal service. We recommend to our customers to hold onto these boxes and reuse them when possible. We do everything we can to re-use packing material and boxes. Sometimes re-using costs more - but we believe we shouldn't allow costs to be our only concern. The environment and living in balance is an important and necessary part of life, and we want to show good leadership in this area.

What does this mean? We don't have pretty new boxes with our logo or company name on them. But since we have a constant supply of boxes and packaging material, we feel it would be wrong to let this material be put into the landfill or recycling stream and needlessly incur those environmental costs just so we can better brand our company with fancy boxes and material.

Print on 100% recycled paper

In dollars it costs a lot more. But what is the environmental cost of recyclable paper going to waste and forest cutting and energy and emissions from new paper production? Recycling and re-using is an investment, and one we are proud to make and continually examine and improve. Since October of 2019 we began using 100% post-consumer recycled paper for our standard paper printing.

Like buying organic food - buying recycled paper will drive the cost down and help the environment. It's our duty to be a part of the solution. It also gives us a good feeling, and we hope that we can set an example and inspire others in accordance with our mission. Small changes to our daily, ongoing behavior turn out to make huge differences. Make your own commitment to something small but ongoing today - and stick by it!

Recycle our waste

We take great effort to:
  • Recycle plastic bottles and pieces
  • Recycle plastic bags and film (local grocery stores often have a free recycling program - this is what we use!)
  • Recycle all paper products - paper, paper towels, cardboard
  • Recycle metal and glass
We spend a lot of time sorting through our trash and making sure everything that is definitely or most likely recyclable gets sent to the appropriate recycling location. The vast majority of our "waste" actually goes to recycling - far, far less goes to trash. It takes new habits and discipline to do this, but it's worth it! We use different colored bins for different things. We hope more and more homeowners, companies, and institutions will join us!

Prevent ink cartridge waste 100%

For years like typical businesses, we used ink cartridges and toner cartridges. It never seemed to make sense - use it and then throw it away - often with so much ink or toner left inside it. Or use it and then have to keep it around and hoard them and try to ship them back to some company so they can refill them. Why didn't printers just have a tank or bin to dump the ink or toner into? Well the simple answer is $$$ - companies just wanted to make money and did it at the expense of energy, resources, and the environment.

Well, the company Epson finally did something it seemed like should have been done decades ago: make a printer that didn't use cartridges. These are the Epson EcoTank Printers - and that's what we use here at ElectraHealth.com. We can't recommend these enough - our only regret is we didn't get one sooner! So for home or business use - you can make a big impact by using these instead of cartridge-based printers!!!! Since early 2018 we have been printing cartridge-free!

Social Responsibility

  1. A portion of all proceeds from ElectraHealth.com is donated to the Building Biology Institute to support ongoing collaboration, innovation, and communication this vital organization brings to the world.  An open forum of ideas and a sifting and collaboration vessel which brings the beset ideas with scientific evidence to the top, the BBI is helping humanity in huge ways when it comes to environmental and community health and sustainability.
  2. ElectraHealth.com supports FAIR - Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism - which promotes equality, understanding, and healthy communication in a pro-human way.
  3. ElectraHealth.com is actively moving away from Chinese-sourced products due to the ongoing abhorrent and abominable human rights violations of the communist party in China.  The communist party in China employs secret arrest/kidnapping/disappearing of citizens, torture, imprisonment without trial by jury, and widespread rule by lies and terror against its people.  It is currently engaged in a Holocaust-like ethnic cleansing campaign against the Uyghur (Uighur) people complete with concentration/"re-education" camps, and widespread forced medical procedures/experimentation, torture, rape, and killings/deaths.  We cannot be silent on this matter, and must actively work to restore freedom and basic human rights in China.