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Insanity: Turning Smart Meters into a Supercomputer Platform

Posted by Robert Daniel on 7/30/2015 to "Smart" Meters
The purpose of electric usage meters is to support the delivery of electric utility service to customers. This involves the operation of an infrastructure necessary to transmit electricity from the generation facility to the customer. Period. The purpose of smart meters is not to map the human genome.

Smart Meter Time Varying Pricing Can Lead to "Catastrophic Consequences" for the Grid

Posted by Robert Daniel on 7/28/2015 to "Smart" Meters
A new study has been released based upon research at Bremen University that reveals that the use of time varying rates implemented through the mass deployment of smart meters can lead to consumer demand avalanches resulting in smart grid blackouts.

Are Wi-Fi Signals Making You Sick?

Posted by Robert Daniel on 7/23/2015 to Wireless
Wi-Fi is all around us—at home, at work and across our neighborhoods—so, why are some people saying it’s making them sick, and how concerned should we be about this?

Low-intensity radiofrequency radiation's oxidative mechanisms on biological activity

Posted by Robert Daniel on 7/21/2015 to Wireless
Our analysis demonstrates that low-intensity RFR is an expressive oxidative agent for living cells with a high pathogenic potential and that the oxidative stress induced by RFR exposure should be recognized as one of the primary mechanisms of the biological activity of this kind of radiation.

You’re likely absorbing more smartphone radiation than you think

Posted by Robert Daniel on 7/16/2015 to Wireless
Most handset makers assume you're using something that separates the phone from your body.

The 3 most common EMF 'hot spots' that are ruining your health

Posted by Robert Daniel on 7/14/2015 to Wireless
EMFs are very difficult to avoid in the modern world. Aside from living on a power-free island, they are going to find us, and we need to do our best to negate the harmful consequences. However, there are some places that are much worse than others that contribute the most to our EMF load due to the frequency and intensity of EMFs at each of these locations.

Docs: Wireless devices can harm pregnancies

Posted by Robert Daniel on 7/9/2015 to Wireless
Doctors and researchers from Boston to Sydney are sounding the alarm on the potential risks of using wireless devices during pregnancy, calling for a closer look at technology they say could have serious long-term consequences for unborn babies.

Privacy is a ‘Cause for Concern’ with Smart Meters

Posted by Robert Daniel on 7/7/2015 to "Smart" Meters
WGN News Chicago recently did a news story about smart meters where they touched on the subject of privacy. In an interview with a CEO of an energy start-up company, Mark Handy stated: “The idea that you are now giving access to a granular amount of data about your consumption of energy and potentially about your activities is a cause for most people to be concerned.”

Utility Industry Aware of Safety and Accuracy Issues with Digital Meters for Years

Posted by Robert Daniel on 7/2/2015 to "Smart" Meters
In reviewing an electric utility industry document from 2010, it is quite clear that the industry knew of safety and accuracy issues with smart meters before they were ever manufactured and deployed. What is so incredible about the document is how strongly it was acknowledged that traditional analog meters were “an amazing of piece of engineering work.”

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