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Smart Meters: Forced Installation, Energy Usage and Higher Bills

Posted by Bob on 8/29/2013 to "Smart" Meters
A utility worker kicks in a resident's door to replace his utility meter. What the worker doesn't expect is that the homeowner filmed the whole encounter! Utility companies are replacing electricity, gas and water meters worldwide with new generation "smart" meters at an unprecedented rate. Take Back Your Power is a crowd-funded, public awareness documentary that investigates the benefits and safety of this ubiquitous "smart" meter program. Using insight from insiders, expert researchers, politicians, doctors, and concerned citizens, environmental steward Josh Del Sol takes us on a journey of revelation and discovery, as he questions corporations' right to tap our private information in the name of "green". What you discover will surprise you, unsettle you, and inspire you to challenge the status quo.

Opposition outshouts town officials at rowdy smart meter meeting

Posted by Bob on 8/29/2013 to "Smart" Meters
By that time—nearly two hours in—it was clear the presentation wasn't changing many minds. From the first minutes, as residents jeered Goodrich’s PowerPoint slideshow, the atmosphere at the Glasco Fire Department was raucous and confrontational. Like an embarrassed teacher trying to calm a rowdy class, Supervisor Kelly Myers repeatedly stepped forward to ask the 50 or 60 residents to let Goodrich finish without interrupting. It didn’t work. The people were frustrated, not all of them for the same reasons. There were concerns about radiofrequency [RF] radiation, rumors of workers demanding $75 if homeowners refused installation, the overall price tag of over $800,000 to replace meters that weren’t broken, and the feeling the town didn’t publicize the February public hearing when it made the decision and now it was too late for the taxpayers to have a say.

Fountain, Colorado, Ballot Measure for Vote in November to Ban Smart Meters

Posted by Bob on 8/29/2013 to "Smart" Meters
A ballot issue in Fountain is attempting to ban a newly installed utility measuring system. "Smart meters" have already been installed at 75% of Fountain Utility customers' homes, which the company estimates to be about 16,000 residences. The measure was put on the ballot by way of a citizen-sponsored petition. Enough signatures means voters will decide on the allowance or ban of smart meter technology in November.

Smart meters: good idea or a lot of hot air?

Posted by Bob on 8/29/2013 to "Smart" Meters
The smart meter project will be one of the most extensive infrastructure programmes ever seen in the UK, with the aim (set by the EU) of installing them in 80 per cent of homes and small businesses – some 52 million buildings – by 2020. At one point, it was going to be compulsory to have one, but the Government thought this would be an intrusion too far. Still, with the suppliers pushing them like mad, most of us are going to get a smart meter whether we like it or not.

Smart Meters are a community concern, not just an individual concern

Posted by Bob on 8/29/2013 to "Smart" Meters
For some locations in a given home, the distance to a neighbor’s Smart Meter may be less than the distance to the resident’s own Smart Meter. Thus, a neighbor’s Smart Meter may be the principal source of radiation for some locations in the given home. The Biological Effects Chart shows that a single Smart Meter can produce RF power densities found to cause biological effects even at distances greater than 20 meters, and certainly up to 100 meters. And the number of neighbors within that range can be large. A given single-­‐family home in a residential community may have one to eight nearest neighbors, and even more next nearest neighbors, all within 100 meters (328 feet) of a given home, and each with a Smart Meter.

Electrosmog: A Preventive Overview

Posted by Bob on 8/27/2013 to Wireless
Electrosmog can be defined as excessive radiation striking a living organism from a man-made electrical device. This includes all radiation frequencies, from the household current range of 50 or 60 cycles per second (also called Hertz after a German scientist) to the Gigahertz frequencies of mobile phone towers, TV and radio stations. However, the problem here is to establish what excessive means. This question has been considered, and mostly evaded, by government health and safety institutions in many countries for many years. The official models and value limits used are inadequate, only considering part of the problem.

Federal law requires smart meters to be an "opt-in" program

Posted by Bob on 8/27/2013 to "Smart" Meters
Federal law requires smart meters to be an "opt-in" program. Despite what the Utilities and the Corporation Commission claim, I think you are capable of reading and understanding federal law, as I am. Please Read 16 USC Chapter 46, Public Utility Regulatory Policies, (Energy Act of 2005) Sec. 1252. Smart Metering. This section has not been changed since it was implemented, and it clearly indicates that a customer must "request" such metering.

Shocking "Smart" Meter Effects On Human Blood

Posted by Bob on 8/27/2013 to "Smart" Meters
This exclusive preview from Take Back Your Power, launching worldwide September 5, takes a look at effects of live human blood resulting from “smart” meter radiation.

Ten ways to protect yourself from harmful cell phone radiation

Posted by Bob on 8/27/2013 to Wireless
You've probably heard that cell-phone usage could expose you to unhealthy levels of radiation. With 1.9 billion cell phone users worldwide (208 million alone in the U.S.), they have become a technological fixture and they're not going away anytime soon. Research so far has been mixed, but some experts, like Dr. George Carlo, former chief scientist of the cell phone industry's $28 million safety research project, believes we could be on the verge of a major healthcare crisis. Specifically, he believes the world could be on the precipice of 500,000 brain and other cancer cases annually, because of the proliferation - and rising power - of cell phone technology.

Washington Couple Sues to Keep Smart Meters Away From Home

Posted by Bob on 8/22/2013 to "Smart" Meters
NORTH BEND, Wash. — A North Bend couple is suing their electricity provider over new, digital electric meters. "Smart meters," as they are called, connect directly to the electric utility and are capable of reporting power use on a continuous basis. But Larry and Christy Costello believe the smart meters can tell too much about the habits of a homeowner. "The issue that we have with the smart meter technology is that it really is an invasion of privacy to the homeowner," Larry Costello, an electrical engineer, said.

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