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Cat7 Premium Low-EMF Ethernet Cable - 75ft

Part Number cat7-75
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Cat7 Premium Low-EMF Ethernet Cable - 75ft
Cat7 Premium Low-EMF Ethernet Cable - 75ft
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Cat7 which is short for Category 7 and also labeled as Cat 7 and Cat-7 - this is becoming the new popular standard for Ethernet (copper wired networking cable) for home and business users.  Ethernet pre-existed WiFi, and is more reliable, usually faster, more secure, and healthier.  However, not all Ethernet cables are made the same!

The category rating - Cat 6 and Cat 7 for example - refer to the cable's ability to transmit high-speed data.  It does NOT refer to anything regarding EMF or health/safety.  Our Cat-7 cables are premium-quality round cables.  We do not carry flat cables for a number of reasons.  The shielding in our cables is specially suited for proper grounding and eliminating electric fields.

We also recommend our Cat-6 cables.  Our premium Cat6 are technically not approved for quite as high data speeds, but they are a more affordable option if you'd like to save a little on the cost of your network setup.  We have not had a single customer - not even business customers - who ran into speed constraints with our Cat6 cables.  But the Cat 7 cables might be a little more future-proof and do offer a better design.

  • Double shielded Foil and Braid
  • 600 Mhz speeds
  • 10 Gigabit (10Gbe or 10GigE) support
  • 10/100/1000 Mbit backwards compatible with all previous Ethernet
  • Compatible with old Cat5/5e/6/6a computers and network equipment
  • Gold-plated data and grounding connections
  • 27 AWG (gauge) heavy-duty stranded and tinned copper wire - no aluminum
  • Snagless
Currently available in black or white

Available sizes (in feet) : (3)  (7)  (10)  (14)  (25)  (50)  (75)

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