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Chicago and Nashville Midwest Based Nationwide Professional On-Site EMF/EMR Consulting and electrical contracting by Shaun Kranish of ElectraHealth.com

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Chicago and Nashville Midwest Based Nationwide Professional On-Site EMF/EMR Consulting and electrical contracting by Shaun Kranish of ElectraHealth.com
Chicago and Nashville Midwest Based Nationwide Professional On-Site EMF/EMR Consulting and electrical contracting by Shaun Kranish of ElectraHealth.com
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Don't just find or measure the problem - have it fixed on the spot!

Chicago and the Midwest's #1 EMF Service and only specialized low-EMF electrical contractor.  ElectraHealth.com performs EMF/EMR/EMI services for clients around the country.  Our business is based in Northern Illinois and most of our clients are in the City of Chicago and the suburbs of Chicago.  We have a second location in the Nashville area.  We also see clients in the Milwaukee area, Madison area, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and other nearby areas frequently.  We are a full-time professional EMF/EMR measurement firm.  This is not a hobby or side work - this is our full time profession.  We have served clients around the country.

Want to ensure your home is healthy and not affected by common threats such as: magnetic fields, electric fields, dirty electricity, microwave radiation (wireless, cell towers, etc)?  Are you purchasing a home, but want to be aware of the risks in the area?  Guessing isn't good enough - get the facts with real, accurate measurements, analysis, recommendations, and fixes.

Wiring errors (National Electric Code violations) are common.  In fact most homes in the Chicago region have these common issues.  They occur because of do-it-yourself wiring, poorly or non-trained contractors, lack of understanding, poor requirements for electrician licensing in Illinois, and sometimes inadvertent mistakes.  Whatever the cause - we are one of the few EMF/EMR/EMI specialists in the country who are also electrical contractors so that we may fix these mistakes for you right away!  Other EMF specialists have to rely on third parties, and their availability and competency level.  We troubleshoot and fix the worst commercial and residential wiring errors which cause huge and dangerous fields in living and working spaces.

Whether you are looking to protect your family's health, your own health, or the health and productivity of your employees at work, EMF testing and remediation is an investment in long-term wellness.

Shaun Kranish is the owner of ElectraHealth.com.  Shaun offers on-site EMF inspection, consulting, and remediation throughout the midwest.  Shaun is very close to the Chicago suburbs (Chicagoland) - so inspection in this area is a great value.  Quick facts about Shaun Kranish:
  • EMF measurement and remediation since 2008
  • Mentored personally by Dave Stetzer since 2008
  • Electrical contractor in Illinois (Rockford) serving all cities
  • Building Biology Institute (BBI) Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) in-progress (2019)
  • BBI 204.3 Electromagnetic certification completed
  • BBI 212 Electromagnetic certification completed
  • BBI 312 Advanced Electromagnetic radiation certification completed
  • Lab instructor for BBI 212 Electromagnetic Radiation (September 2019)
  • Former IT consultant
  • Has inspected and remediated countless homes and businesses since 2008
  • Continues education and collaboration with leaders in EMF inspection all over North America

What you can expect with an on-site inspection by Shaun Kranish:

  • Shaun thoroughly checks for the following: RF (radiofrequency) radiation, microsurge electrical pollution (also called EMI, dirty electricity, VLF, noise, harmonics, transients, and other names), AC magnetic and electric fields, wiring errors, and more.
  • Shaun happily educates and shares information with the client the entire time, explaining each finding and recommendation (so long as the client is available and wishes to be involved like this.)
  • Shaun works with each individual client to find the best and most impactful approach, taking the client's health and EMF sensitivity history into account along with their budget.
  • Photographic and videographic evidence of measurements are recorded.  Sometimes data recordings are made as well when deemed beneficial or at client's request.
  • Initial price includes up to 3 hours of inspection and traveling time.
  • Additional time is only $147/hr currently.
Add this to the cart and checkout and you'll be taking the most recommended course of action - having a highly-trained and experienced EMF inspector with professional equipment survey your entire home and/or business!

Ask us about discounted rates for Low-EMF electrical work.  Are you having any remodeling done to your Chicago or Chicagoland or Chicago suburb home?  This is when most wiring errors and mistakes occur!  In fact - most homes we visit have wiring errors and code violations that cause very severe magnetic fields in the home.  We provide electrical contracting with our highly trained and experienced crew that is EMF focused.  Everyday electrical contractors often cause nightmares when it comes to EMF fields.  Don't trust remodeling or any electrical work to an ordinary electrician - call us to make sure it is done right.
Customer Reviews
Rating Onsite review for Shaun Kranish
Long story short, Shaun's visit yesterday was the most professional and productive visit from a contractor I've ever experienced. If you'd like to contact me to corroborate my experience, I would be happy to get in touch. A couple years ago I bought an electric/magnetic frequency meter which allows me to see for myself how healthy/unhealthy our house is, from an EMF standpoint. I also bought a separate radio frequency meter as well. My wife hates these meters, because for the last two years I've been complaining about how unhealthy our house is. My biggest source of grief was anytime the heater would turn on, or the AC would turn on, it would generate ridiculously high frequency levels (my meters would go red). I suspected our old house with partial knob and tube wiring had something to do with this, but wasn't sure. I'd hired a local electrician about a year ago to look into this, and he wasn't able to solve anything. Shaun and his partner came over yesterday and fixed those two issues, as well as some other smaller ones. Today, as the heater turns on, I sit here in the family room incredulously watching my meter, and it's green. I walk over to my daughters' room -- another trouble spot that is close to the furnace -- and the meter is completely quiet, green again. It's hard to convey how happy and surprised I am at this turn of events. I'd even contemplated moving because of this issue. I also honestly didn't think someone could solve this without spending thousands of dollars and re-wiring our entire house. I am grateful to Google, whose search engine allowed me to stumble onto Shaun's website, I am more grateful to Shaun and Andrew for their help yesterday, and I'm just a tad proud of myself for having taken a risk on a company I'd never heard of before. There are lots of electricians out there, and a handful of EMF experts. But try finding an EMF expert who's also an electrician. Shaun's a needle in a haystack. Highly, highly recommended. Pete
  Did you find this helpful?    7 of 7 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Joliet, IL . - 10/7/2019
Rating Ms
I suggest everyone have onsite services performed at their home. Shaun was able to change my computer internet/WIFI set up to a wired system, where I have the ability to turn the WIFI on and off. Shaun found major wiring errors in my home and recommended installing 2 dielectric unions on my water service pipe to stop the massive flow of electricity through my home. Initially Shaun's meter could not even register the massive amount of electromagnetic field in my home but after making modifications my home has much less electromagnetic energy running through it. We all slept and immediately felt better. I highly recommend this service and will never live anywhere without having this done.
  Did you find this helpful?    6 of 6 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Chicago. - 4/1/2019
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