The optimal number of Stetzerizer filters needed for a living space varies greatly.  Some of the variables in your electrical system that can determine the number of filters needed are:
  • How many circuits you have
  • How many square feet your living space is
  • The condition of the power grid in your area
  • Your neighbors' electrical usage
  • The electronics in your home (computers, TVs, etc)
  • Appliances and lighting in your home
The best method for telling how many filters you need is to count the total number of switches in your circuit breaker (fuse box) panel: you should buy 1 filter for each switch

Count each physical switch as 1, no matter if that switch is taking up 2 spaces or not.  Sometimes you can have 2 switches in one space, so then count both switches.  Count all switches, no matter what the switch is for (count your furnace/AC, dryer, everything).  Just count each switch that you can turn on/off as 1 and add up the total number you have.  This is how many filters we recommend you purchase.

For example: if you have 12 switches on your circuit breaker panel then you need 12 filters.   This would be the same as 12 single filters.  You can use the filters with adapters and power strips in whatever configuration is most convenient for computer areas, TV/entertainment areas, and any place where numerous electronics plug into the same location.

Some circuits are 240 volt circuits that we cannot put a filter on.  However, other circuits will require 2 filters when you have electronics such as TVs, computers, etc.  So it evens out.

If you are experiencing very high readings on all of your circuits in your living space, you may need to order more than 1 Stetzerizer filter per switch on the panel.  If the readings in all outlets are 500+ then you may consider getting 1 and a half filters per switch.  So if you have 8 switches, you may want to get 12 Stetzerizer filters instead of only 8 if your readings are very high.

If you have any other questions, please let us know!  We would be happy to help you determine the best number of filters to purchase.