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Electrahealth.com Editor Note: The reason we bring this article to our readers today is to show how the cellular industry is indirectly acknowledging the strength of the electromagnetic radiation around mobile phones - it is strong enough to wirelessly power nearby electronic devices!

LAS VEGAS — You've probably seen plenty of articles warning you about the dangers of cellphone radiation — but what if you could use that energy to power something useful?

The Lune case, developed by gadget start-up Concepter, does just that. With no battery or power connection to your iPhone, the case can light up when you receive a call.

Concepter was showing off the case at Eureka Park, the early-stage start-up section of the International CES.

Check it out in action below:

Under the hood, the Lune sports a capacitor to harness the electromagnetic energy that your phone emits when it’s being called, as well as a controller for its LED lights. While it feels a bit like a gimmick, there’s plenty of potential for Lune’s notification to actually be useful — and if it truly doesn't use up your phone’s battery life, all the better.

Researchers have been exploring the concept of harvesting electromagnetic energy for years now, but the technology hasn't yet made its way to consumers. Most recently, German student Dennis Siegel showed off a method for recharging a AA battery using electromagnetic fields.

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