Abstract: Stetzer Electric identified unhealthy levels of electromagnetic fields in the Mel-Min Elementary School and made the connection with the staff and students' complaints of headaches, fatigue, flushing, and other symptoms. After installing electrical filters in every room of the school, Mel-Min Elementary School's staff and students could sense the difference and their symptoms diminished. 

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Dirty electricity causes illness in Mindoro school staff
By Ken Luchterhand of The Melrose Chronicle
Monday, March 10, 2003

Electrical pollution at the Mel-Min elementary school at Mindoro has been making staff members ill, according to District Administrator Ron Perry. Several teachers and other staff members have complained of headaches, fatigue, facial flushing, numbness, sensitivity to lights and sound, tingling and loss of taste and smell. But since a contractor has installed electrical filters, the staffs symptoms have gone away.

I was somewhat skeptical at first, but now Im convinced because of what the people have said to me, Perry said.

The problem with RF (radio frequency) electromagnetic fields, which is out of balance and send microwaves into the rooms, through walls, ceilings, and humans.

Perry explained the circumstances at the Feb. 24 Melrose-Mindoro District Board of Education meeting. Stetzer Electric of Blair had been updating some electrical wiring when they measured the RF waves in the Mindoro school with a Fluke meter. The meter showed that there was considerable amounts of electromagnetic wave energy in each of the rooms, especially in the computer lab, Perry said.

Workers with Stetzer claimed the neutral wires were too small, therefore the electricity came back into the buildings to be grounded. By placing electrical filters in every room, the RF waves instantly smoothed out, he said. The same has been done at the Mel-Min High School and the elementary school in Melrose, although those places werent as bad.

It takes out the trash in the wires, Perry said. Within a few days people said they were feeling better. One person even said she could smell again.

So many buildings were constructed when electricity wasnt such a vital component in education. But since that time, computers, televisions, VCRs and numerous other electronics in schools has resulted in increased electricity usage, he said. By adding the filters, the electromagnetic fields have been placed back into a harmonic balance.

Weve done a lot of good. Unexpectedly, Perry said. The good news is that weve cleaned up all our schools in the district. Probably, every school in Wisconsin should be checked.

The staff knew that something was being done when the electrical contractors were at the school, but they were not sure exactly what was being done and what the results would be, he said. A few days later, staff members commented to Perry that they were feeling much better and they could feel the difference. The results from the staff has been amazing, Perry said. Since those repairs, the word has spread and Perry has received many calls from school personnel in other parts of the state, as well as private individuals.

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