Abstract: Char Sbraggia, district nurse of the Melrose-Mindoro school district in Wisconsin, reports on the positive results her colleagues and pupils have experienced since the installation of plug-in power line filters in the schools. Student reliance on nebulizers and inhalers for asthma has dramatically reduced, staff allergy symptoms have dramatically reduced, and overall health has improved since the filters were installed.

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Ron Perry, Superintendent
Del Deberg, High School Principal
Tracy Dalton, K-8 Principal
High School – (608) 488-2201 or (608) 857-3417
Fax – (608) 488-2805
Melrose Elementary – (608) 488-2311
Mindoro Elementary – (608) 857-3410


In the years previous to the filters being installed, several children required inhalation treatments for their asthma in the spring and in the fall. Many of them required nebulizer treatments once or twice a day while at school. I have not had to administer one nebulizer treatment this past year and of the 37 students with inhalers, only three of them use the inhaler for their exercise-induced asthma before Phy Ed.

Teachers are stating they are less fatigued and tired.

The sense of smell has come back for me. I lost it for three years and the doctors said it was my allergies.

The students seem to have more energy and appear and seem less tired.

Several staff who doctored regularly for allergies have not had to take medication or see their doctor because they are having less problems.

Students whom have been diagnosed with migraine headaches have had their headaches reduced no headaches at all.

I feel that our faculty and students have had improved health overall since the filters have been installed.

Char Sbraggia R.N.
District Nurse

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