This is an excellent video that really makes you begin to understand the privacy crisis that is arising from the installation of smart meters.

This is a very chilling video that shows how pre-existing shrubs (plants) that grew for years around an electric meter are dying now that a "smart meter" has been installed. This video also lets you hear the output of the "smart meter" on a microwave RF radiation meter.

The 21st century has brought many challenges to our health and freedom. Many of the products and services we rely on are controlled by a small handful of large corporations and trade organizations. Like other corporations, our policy makers in Washington further manipulate and control our behavior - what we can buy, from whom, and what it will cost. The results are almost always a negative impact to our health as well as the curtailing of our choice and other freedoms, such as privacy. Enter the so-called "smart meter."

It seems a disservice to use the term smart meter. For the sake of this article, let's refer to them as detailed surveillance meters (or simply DSMs). Let's begin with a look at why detailed surveillance meters are being placed everywhere without our consent or request, why tax dollars are paying for it, and what is the phony justification for all of this nonsense.

The phony reasons being given:
1) It will help improve the power grid
2) It will help us save energy
3) It could save on our electric bills

Improving the power grid
Our power grid is currently way, way, WAY behind its time. But it is not the lake of detailed surveillance meters (DSMs) that is causing it. It is the lack of wire. We need more copper and aluminum wire. Thicker gauged wired, particularly on the neutral return. The neutral return should be at least 2.5 volumes greater than the phase wires. This would greatly reduce the dirty power problem, the ground current problem, and improve all of our health.

Improving poles, connections, tree trimming, and underground wire runs would improve during storms. Upgrading the wires would allow the grid to handle more load, particularly more of the non-linear loads we are using so much these days. Detailed surveillance meters do nothing to solve these problems.

It WON'T help us save energy
Detailed surveillance meters will be able to provide the electric company with day by day, minute by minute, hour by hour usage. If you are lucky, they might give you access to some of this information. But will that be helpful in getting you to change your habits? Probably no more helpful than the number following the $ symbol you have been seeing your whole life.

The only way detailed surveillance meters could help with energy usage is if new restrictions on electric usage were imposed by governments. Imagine if energy were
rationed, so you can only use a certain amount. If you go over that amount, as a penalty you pay two, three, or perhaps 4 times the rate for the overage. It's starting to sound like your old long distance provider or current cell phone provider, isn't it?

Individual devices might need to be placed on appliances such as dryers, ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, so that these can be individually tracked more precisely. What sort of energy will this new gadgetry use, and what kind of energy is being used to manufacture these meters.

It WON'T save you on your bill
No business is looking for ways to reduce profits. This includes the electric companies. They spend millions on lobbying for what - the good of our environment? The electric company would never want to reduce everyone's bills. If anything, they want to increase it. Along with lobbying for rationed energy, energy credits, and higher energy costs, they can pass this along to the consumer as increased prices. Combine that with DSMs, and you have a winning combination for Big Energy, Inc.

The Health Impacts
Digital Surveillance Meters aka "Smart Meters" emit a very powerful transmission in the high megahertz and/or gigahertz frequency range.  In the gigahertz, this is commonly called a microwave transmission.  Yes, the same type of signal that cooks food.  This transmission only occurs for a fraction of a second, but it's happening every 8-12 seconds.

DSMs or smart meters, have a very powerful transmitter.  The transmission spike from the meter every 8-12 seconds hits the body's electrical system (the body is as much energy and electrical as it is matter) with devastating effects.  Some people are more sensitive to others.  People with cardiac problems, people with neurological problems, and people with compromised immune systems and everyone genetically prone to such conditions are especially affected.

We have spoken to customers who have lost family members.  Their family members literally died within weeks of having a smart meter.  In some cases, after the meter is put in the health begins to decline rapidly, and in a year or so the person dies.

In some cases when talking on the phone with customers, it's actually possible to tell if the person has a smart meter by how they sound on the phone.  We've noticed people with smart meters tend to sound more distracted, more flustered or agitated.  In these cases, it has led us to ask if the customer has a smart meter, and they said yes.

We believe the digital surveillance meters, or smart meters, are DEADLY.  They are not safe for anyone.  Even if you don't readily feel it (and chances are you do, that's why you're here reading this) it is affecting you.  No mammal is immune to the effects of powerful bursts of microwave radio-frequency transmission.  If you have one of these meters, it's imperative that you get it off your house as soon as possible.  Yes, your neighbors may still have theirs, but yours is closest and has the biggest impact.  Not only is the wireless transmission deadly, but smart meters are known to create massive amounts of dirty electricity that they feed back onto all the wiring in your home.  So lower frequencies, some of which are probably even more biological active, are being spread throughout the house.  The filters will help mitigate those, but anytime we can eliminate a source we like to.  The smart meter is not optional - you need to get rid of it.

Suggestions on removing the meter:
1) Call your power company, tell them you are opting out, and order them to remove it.  You are the customer, always keep that in proper perspective.  You pay the money.  It is your property, and they don't have an easement to install a radio transmitting device.
2) Prepare and notarize an affidavit.  We have a fantastic one you can use.  It must be purchased, in order to support the author (a third party).
3) Let the power company know you mean business.  Tell them you will start a group of people to get active to remove theirs as well if they aren't going to cooperate and remove yours.  Tell them you're getting a lawyer.  Tell them you'll take out a full-page ad in the local paper and tell everyone about the dangers and outrageous privacy violations of the meter.
4) If they don't respond to the affidavit, and don't remove the meter within 7 days (don't give them anymore time than that), remove the meter and replace it with a safe analog meter yourself.

They are spying on you.  They are selling your private data to marketing companies.  They are letting the government spy on you.  They are recording and permanently retaining information on what you do in your home.  This is wiretapping, and it's against federal law.  They're doing it without your permission.  They're trying to tell you you don't have a choice.  This equipment is killing you and your family.

Don't put up with it.  Make them remove it right away, and if they don't, remove it yourself.  Don't be bullied by a company that's suppose to work for you.  Your privacy, your freedom, your health and wellness is worth fighting for.