Stetzerizer Products are UL Listed - Immitators are Not

From the beginning, Dave Stetzer of Stetzer Electric (founded in 1974) and Dr. Martin Graham, PhD., Professor Emeritus, U.C. Berkeley knew that their products should be UL approved for safety reasons, and insurance and liability reasons.  When properly designed, capacitor-based filters like the Stetzerizer products are very safe an effective.  If not properly designed, the products could pose serious health and safety concerns.

Being the first filter of its kind to go through UL testing - and to this day the ONLY filter of its kind to pass - the Stetzerizer products set the bar very high.  Drop testing, baking in ovens for weeks, thousands of volts passed through, and purposely being lit on fire (among many other tests), Underwriters Laboratories guaranteed that Stetzerizer products are as safe as any other household appliance/device bearing UL approval.

Did you know that most insurance policies for homes require that all of your electrical devices be UL approved?  Did you know that if you purchased an off-brand copycat filter that is NOT UL approved and it started a fire in your home, your insurance provider will likely not cover any of the damage?  This is yet another reason why it was so important for Stetzerizer filters to go through the incredibly expensive process of getting approved.

Stetzerizer products are tested regularly straight from the factory, and even the factory itself is routinely inspected to make sure quality and safety always goes into every unit.  It was and continues to be very expensive for Stetzerizer to maintain the UL rating, but they've done so from the start because it is the right thing to do.

If you have any questions about it, please ask us.  Remember that no other filter on the market has UL approval.  If they did, they would be displaying the UL approval logo on their products !!  We have also heard numerous reports of copycat filters claiming to be UL approved and even providing erroneous UL file numbers.  So don't believe what they say - look for the logo on each device.

Stetzerizer has it!!!

Stetzerizer Single Filter: file number E242189 (US) (CA) registered to Stetzer Electric certified in USA and Canada

Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter: file number E331470 (US) (CA) registered to Stetzer Electric certified in USA and Canada