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‘Old Ironsides’ has protected this Sacramento home for the duration of SMUD’s deployment

Forcible installations have led to an incredible array of defensive structures being built around analog meters to protect homes from the “smart” scourge.  We received the above photo of analog protection dubbed “Old Ironsides” from Eric Windheim, Director of Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness.  Definitely wins the prize for sturdiest defense we've seen.

These photos below document the absurd lengths people are required to go to protect their own homes from the “deployment.”  They also capture the creativity and adaptability of ordinary people, and the strength of our communities to come up with solutions.

Maria Acosta of the Quebec-based anti-smart meter group Basses-Laurentide Refuse writes:

Here in Quebec we are keeping our analog meter by constructing a box around it or using other devices so that Hydro can take the reading but not change the meter in our absence.  Those that have locks use one without a key or fill the key hole with construction glue. The heads of the screws are flattened to avoid unscrewing them and screws are covered with construction glue.

It is the only way we can sleep tight and not worry that in a 15 minute absence our meter is changed.

Note screws have been filed to prevent removal

Maria continues:

“As soon as the first boxed analog meter was publicised, citizens started doing the same thing and asking how to make them.

Three citizens started to construct them, two for profit (one fair, the other barely covering expenses) and the third he charges you for the material and a contribution. He uses the money from the contribution to construct to citizens who cannot afford the 40 $.”

This analog meter is sure to stay warm and dry (and safe from theft) in its mini-cabin thanks to the efforts of resident Mr. J Roberg.

There’s definitely some religious imagery here…

Who can resist a cuckoo clock analog?

You can read me, but you can’t get me!

Snug as a bug in a rug

No trespassing, Hydro Quebec!
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